Review of Love Strung (The Love Series #2) by Jamie W. Matlock

Love Strung

“Next stop, Nashville, Tennessee.”


Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy 

Book Length (Est.): 267 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

Country music hopeful, Kennedy Masters is a leap-before-you-look type of woman. Live in the moment, the here and now. That’s her policy – anything other than that is boring, and she’s never been particularly interested in boring. So, when she makes the erratic decision to join country music’s reigning star, Mick Callahan, on his tour bus after a show, she’s just living right up to her life’s motto.

The only problem? Her snap decision making lands her on the front page news and it’s for less than desirable reasons. Even worse is the fact that Mick decides she’s his next conquest, sporadically announcing to the public that they’re engaged.

Her only option? Hiding out at the Callahan Ranch until the storm blows over – a decision that she’s not altogether pleased with, but one that she must follow considering the circumstances. When unexpected sparks fly upon meeting Mick’s mysterious older brother, Griff Callahan, Kennedy’s left sorting through matters of the heart – something that’s not exactly her forte.

Oh,and her career? Well, it’s been labeled TBD.

Kennedy must figure out a way to deal with her heart and her career, all while fighting her own feelings and fending off someone else’s.


~ YAY – Double Review! ~


Mindy’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Kennedy Masters has a here and now, carefree policy that she lives by on a daily basis. Joining the tour of a big country star as a backup singer will definitely test her policy. As she makes a quick decision to make a rival backup singer jealous she lands face first on the cover of magazines, headline news and the talk of all the little towns.

“Because I, Kennedy Masters, was more of an attempt-to-color-within-the-lines-only-when-necessary type of woman. I enjoyed the freedom of life. Go wherever the wind blows you. Take each moment as it comes and live it to the absolute fullest.” 

Mick Callahan is a reigning country music star that loves nothing more than a conquest. The first time he hears Kennedy spat at the mouth and not seem interested in him at all has him practically drooling. When the drinks start pouring the photographers start shooting.

Kennedy has to hide out in a small town with Mick’s siblings and niece until the country stars camp can decide what to do about the ‘hookup’ story between them. When Mick decides to take matters into his own hands and fake a proposal on national television for all to see, Kennedy’s own family wants to know what is going on including Mick’s brother. 

I absolutely LOVED this book. The wit and carefree of Kennedy was absolutely hilarious. She has the “spill at the mouth” syndrome and it is hilarious. The love triangle is heartfelt but will have you pulling for the best man for her. Oh, and Hannah is the best!!

“So, which Uncle do you like?” Hannah questioned from behind me, my feet gluing themselves to the marble tile beneath them. “Neither one of them has a woman who eats bacon, the little girl pointed out.” 

I liked it so much that I had my best friend/reviewer read it as well (Hence, the double review). I would be laughing so hard that I just had to tell her about it and tell her “you have to read this book”. Thank you Jamie for letting me read Love Aced and Love Strung. It has defiantly been my pleasure and I will definitely recommend this book to everyone.

My Favorite Moment: I loved the entire book but my all-time favorite is definitely the bacon discussion with Hannah and Kennedy. Yes, you have to read this book to find out what exactly can come out of a kids mouth. 

Way to go Jamie!!!! 

Mindy 5 Heart 


Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review* 

This started out as a book my lovely blog partner was to read/review, but she kept reading parts aloud and it got to the point where I just had to read it myself. Boy am I glad I did. I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard in a while.

One bad decision put Kennedy on a downward spiral of ‘what the hell else can happen’. She’s a proud and determined woman, but sometimes life isn’t fair, and sometimes one decision can destroy your life as you know it…even if you don’t remember everything that happened because of that one little choice.

“I wasn’t sure which was worse, being referred to as a ‘stray’ or a ‘that’.” 

What started as an act to make someone jealous turned into something that will affect her career, her heart, and pretty much her entire life. It definitely isn’t something she wanted or even something she fantasies about, but when all the pieces come together she’ll realize that one bad decision put her right where she needed to be.

“I’m not opposed to taking you right here, but you seemed a little more than embarrassed that my sister knows about us,” he mumbled, his voice thick and husky, “and she’ll have no doubt about the depth in which we’re acquainted when you’re screaming my name.” 

Mick isn’t used to being denied so when Kennedy offers up just enough resistance he can’t resist finding a way to make her his, even if it’s stealing her away and leaving her in a remote area with his family, or fake proposing to her on TV. He doesn’t like to lose and even if he’s only interested in the game and not her, he’ll still try everything he can to get what he wants.

“I won’t have him touching you. No damned diamond can keep you from me.” 

Mick’s older brother Griff on the other hand fell for Kennedy the moment he saw her in the skimpy robe in his kitchen, but he doesn’t want to want her and he’ll try everything he can to keep his distance. Although when you’re under the same roof and working in the same building sometimes distance isn’t exactly what you get.

“Kennedy, I don’t like to share.” He had grown downright serious, the words coming out as a growl. “And since I’ve come to the realization that I can’t keep my hands off of you, I’m sure as hell not going to share you with Mick.” 

With Mick and Kennedy publicly together and Griff and Kennedy privately together things get quite interesting. Brother’s get competitive, an ex goes off the deep end of crazy, unwanted emotions become undeniable, and oh don’t forget the humor involved at every turn. Love Strung is humorous and fun and it captures your attention from page one.

My Favorite Laughable Moment: I loved every time one of the kids was involved. They say some of the craziest things. Like this…

“Oh, he’s not with her,” Hannah answered. “That’s his friends with benefits.”

Shocked by her response, I nearly smashed my forehead into the cabinet in front of me.

“Hannah!” Sutter shrieked for the second time in a handful of minutes.

“That’s what you said-“ 

~ ~ ~ OR ~ ~ ~

“You try explaining to an eight year old why his aunt sounded like a monkey in heat.”

“A monkey in heat?!?”

“Yes, a monkey…in heat,” she confirmed. “Surprised I heard?”

“No,” I quipped. “More concerned with the fact that my sister knows what a monkey in heat sound like.” 

Jenn 5 Heart

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