Review of Circle of Deception by M. Skye

Circle of Deception

Talk about Lies, Deception and a lot of Love!

Genre: Romance Suspense, Erotica

Book Length (Est.) 326 pages

Book Description/Synopsis:

Megan Marie Cardoza is a twenty-six-year-old media CEO with a less-than-impressive personal life. When Meg’s best friend, Emily, returns to town, she and Meg’s siblings shake things to the core. This prompts Meg to reveal her true feelings for her ex, Alex, and to give in to the needs that she’s been suppressing for six long years. After a steamy reconciliation between her and Alex, everything seems to be falling back into place, until their past comes back to slap them in the face; at their engagement party no less. With the arrival of Meg’s parents and the continued interference by Alex’s father, who hates Meg, secrets much deeper than they ever expected float to the surface and threaten to rip Meg and Alex apart – with fatal results for some. When everything she thought she knew is in question, Meg must decide if the secrets are too much to bear and enough to walk away for good.

Mindy’s Review:

Megan Marie Cardoza runs a life as a powerful CEO but has a less than impressive love life. After finding her one true love in bed with another woman she has pretty much just been on her own and swore off all men.

Alex does not recall anything that happened the night that he lost his true love. Being away from her for six years has been pure torture.When mutual friends decide to take matters into their own hands Megan and Alex will have a very steamy rekindling. What they don’t know yet is their past is full of deception, lies, secrets and scandal.

This is the first book that I have read from this author and let me tell you this was a fun read. There are so many surprise turns that I just could not put this book down. I really hope that I get to enjoy more from the author. The writing is great and the suspense will leave you begging to find out what is really going on. Talk about keeping the reader on their toes. Awesome read!

My Favorite Moment: I love the relationship between Megan and her friends. I need a Gio!!

Mindy 4 Star

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