Blog Tour: Review of A Real Cowboy Never Says No (Wyoming Rebels #1) by Stephanie Rowe

A Real Cowboy Never Says No

Now that’s the cowboy way! 


Genre:  Contemporary Romance, Western Romance

Book Length (Est.):  223 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

USA Today bestselling author Stephanie Rowe delivers a brand new series set in Rogue Valley, Wyoming, home to the Stockton brothers, a clan of fiercely loyal and honorable men, and the women who touch the hearts of these rugged, loner cowboys.

The only reason rancher Chase Stockton and his brothers survived their brutal childhood was because they protected each other. Nothing will ever come between them…until a sudden tragedy calls in a life debt Chase can’t ignore, forcing him to make a choice that could destroy the very bonds that hold his family together.

Mira Cabot has never asked for help, but when a sexy, protective cowboy makes her an offer she can’t afford to refuse, she finds herself on her way to Wyoming to be the shotgun bride of a man she has every reason…and no reason…to trust.

The sizzling connection between Mira and Chase turns a rescue mission into something dangerously addictive, one that could either heal two broken hearts, or shatter them forever.

Books in the Wyoming Rebels series:
A Real Cowboy Never Says No (June 30, 2015)
A Real Cowboy Knows How to Kiss (July 28, 2015)
A Real Cowboy Rides a Motorcycle (August 25, 2015)


Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

I’m a dedicated kindle highlighter, but occasionally I get a book that I’m so into that I forget to highlight because I’m lost in the world that’s on the pages. This is one of those books.

Chase had a horribly rough childhood, but as the oldest he put it upon himself to be the one who holds his brothers together.  He mortgaged himself to the hilt in hopes that his brothers would eventually come back and each take a share of the property. That way they’d always be together. But it hasn’t happened exactly like he’d hoped. Nothing has.

Mira lost her parents and the only things even remotely she had left as family was her best friend AJ and he no longer lived close. But after her mother passed away, and for the first time ever, she and AJ took solace in each other’s bodies. But then he died too and left her alone and pregnant.

When AJ died it brought together his two best friends, Chase and Mira. Each had known about the other, but they had never met. The attraction between them is evident from the beginning, but their resistance is strong, but a cowboy always does what’s right. And right would be taking care of his best friend’s baby and the woman who carried it. Problem was the ‘right thing’ went against every code he and his brothers had. They didn’t trust women and the sure as hell didn’t need them in their lives…until he realizes he does. It may however take a little longer for his brothers to come around to the fact that there’s now a woman in their family.

A Real Cowboy Never Says No is everything a cowboy book should be. It has romance, honor, family, hard work, and the will to do what’s right. The Stockton brothers came from a rough childhood and so did AJ so there are references to child abuse, there is some violence, and explicit sex scenes. Like I said, it’s the perfect cowboy book.

My Favorite Moment: What Mira says to Steen in order to snap him out of his losing battle with life and the reaction of his brother’s when she does.

Jenn 5 Heart

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