Review of Hunted (Alpha Wolf’s Pet #3) by Eva Gordon


Running always leads to disaster…


Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book Length (Est.): 194 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:

In the sequel to Book 2, Alpha Wolf’s Pet, Kept, the trilogy concludes with Alpha Wolf’s Pet, Hunted.

Living with werewolves is a lesson in Mia’s fragility, and stretching the limits of their antiquated pack protocol wears on everybody’s nerves. Nonetheless, Mia is an official member of their pack, and Dominic’s lover. Satisfied with their romantic and sexy exclusive arrangement, Mia is devastated when Chandra, Dominic’s fiancée, arrives during his absence.

Dominic is worried. Is his love for Mia really his addiction to her blood? Will she eventually become his blood mistress and belong to her, commanding his body and soul? Before he can resolve the issue, the Russian Chess Piece mob strikes his territory. Faced with the king’s command to mate his werewolf fiancée, and the mob, he has no time to explain before Mia does what she does best. She runs.

Danger looms for Mia and all werewolf kind as secrets are revealed about the mob pursuing her. But most disturbing of all, is the Lycan Intelligence Agency’s sudden interest in Mia’s DNA. Will new revelations destroy their love and crush their future?

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Never saw that twist coming.

Most things will wrap up between Dominic and Mia. They both want to be together, but he has his worries about becoming addicted to her blood, and she isn’t too pleased about the pet vs. mate status. However, there is much more to Mia than I would have guessed. I knew her blood was special, but it’s the why part that will leave you saying ‘oh wow’. But the best part about Mia is her spunk. She cannot be submissive…it’s just not in her DNA.

“Are you comfortable?”

“Naked and bound in the middle of the forest where vultures can see me? Sure, why not?”

Dominic wants Mia, but he also wants what’s good for his wolves and it doesn’t appear to be the same thing. He’ll have to choose what he believes is right, even if no one is happy with his choice. He’ll be on a rollercoaster ride of emotion as he rushes head first into the surprising ending that’ll give him more than he ever thought possible.

“Use your other senses. What am I doing?”

Mia wanted to say, Torturing me without offering relief to my over th etop horny femaile parts. Instead, she played along with his sensual game. She cocked her head and licked her lips. “Unwinding the rope.”

In Hunted, the final book in the Alpha Wolf’s Pet trilogy, loyalties will be tested, trust will be earned, wars will cross over and blur the lines of right and wrong, and new developments will give hope for the future. It’s a great trilogy and I look forward to the upcoming spinoff series Team Greywolf.

My Favorite Moment: After Chandra saves Mia she calls Dominic and that entire conversation is hilarious. She is just naturally sarcastic.

“Dominic, it’s me. Mia.”

His heart lightened. “Where are you?”

“About an hour from your territory. I just bought a cheap phone to call you while your fiancée feasts on fast food hamburgers.”

“Mia, she’s not my fiancée.”

“I mean mate.”

Jenn 4 Heart

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