Review of The Last Keeper’s Daughter (The Last Keeper’s Daughter #1) by Rebecca Trogner

The Last Keeper's Daughter

What a cliffhanger…


Genre: Paranormal

Book Length (Est.): 280 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:

Born into old money, Lily Ayres lives at Waverly, her family’s estate situated at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Paris, Virginia. She is a strange, small, almost mute, young woman who has no idea that her father has given her to the Vampire King Krieger. Walter Ayres is the King’s Keeper and part of a secret society of historians who unearth, preserve, and attempt to understand relics of long forgotten civilizations.

Lily has never felt comfortable in the human world, but after she suspiciously falls down a flight of stone steps, and is healed and claimed by Krieger, she realizes there is another world. In this Other Realm she feels a sense of belonging, and begins to untwine the mysterious event which left her mentally and psychologically damaged. When Walter disappears in England, Lily works with human and supernatural beings to uncover his whereabouts. With each new discovery, she is pulled deeper into the vortex of magic, intrigue, and dark desires that permeates the supernatural world. The revelations revealed unfold a story of deception and betrayal that threaten to tear the thin veil between the supernatural and human world asunder.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Krieger is the vampire king of North America. He’s powerful. He’s dangerous. He’s kind of scary. But not even this big bad scary vampire could resist falling for the beauty that is Lily, and with her he tries to be the man she would want. I say tries, because yes he wants to woo her and seduce her and love her, but he’s still a big bad scary vampire and sometimes he even scares her…though he’d do anything not to.

Lily’s character develops a lot during this book. She goes from the silent antisocial girl to the curious Other trying to find her place. When her father, Walter, died she was thrust into a supernatural world she’d known almost nothing about. As Krieger’s Sanguis Ancilla she is bound to him and she is trying to adapt to all the changes that surround her without fear, but that’s a feat harder than she could imagine.

There’s Merlin, not to be confused with the Merlin. He’s a sorcerer and the king’s advisor and a little off his rocker sometimes. Then there’s Liam, a Vantor (a werewolf with vampire blood coursing though his veins). He’s Lily’s guard, in charge of her protection. He’s a sweetheart and Lily considers him a friend. Oh, and I can’t forget Lucien, the barrier of the Dragon sword. He’s the most dangerous Other and everyone is afraid of him, except Lily. She’s drawn to him and he to her. Talk about a little tension when it comes to Lily, Krieger, and Lucien. There are many other characters who are important to the storyline, but I’d be writing all night. There is however, a cheat sheet in the back of the kindle version that explains who everyone is…in case you want to read it first.

The Last Keeper’s Daughter is a suspenseful mystery that begs to be read. It’s filled with subplots and traitors and people who are not what they seem. As the story unfolds you’ll be drawn into the world of the Others curious to see what’s going to happen next. Now to the cliffhanger ending… I really like Lucien, there’s just something about him that’s endearing, but this book pretty much ends with him asking Krieger something that both made my eyes pop open and my mouth drop. Definitely going to read book two, The  Last Guardian Rises, immediately afterwards.

My Favorite Quote: This made me laugh. Still I can’t read it without laughing…has to be the wording.

“It was impolite for me to drop fang in public with you.”

Jenn 4 Heart

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