Review of The Escort (A Shamed Novel) by Laura Marie Altom

The Escort

Lies and Love

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Length (Est.): 252 pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

In Laura Marie Altom’s scorching new Shamed novel, perfect for fans of J. Kenner and Tracy Wolff, a broken heart pushes a rugged loner to the breaking point—until a not-so-innocent affair changes everything.

When the woman he loves marries billionaire Liam Stone, Nathan Black swears off dating and playing by the rules. He’s also tired of being broke. His new gig as a male escort isn’t exactly legal, but the cash will help him build a solid future. Then there’s Carol Moore, Liam’s personal assistant. She and Nathan always seem to get paired up at Stone family functions—and always seem to end up in bed together. She’s definitely intriguing. But how could a good girl like Carol settle down with a screw-up like Nathan?

After Carol’s dreamy boss gets hitched, crushing any chance of them getting back together, she finds herself hooking up with the bride’s best friend. Nathan is hot, adventurous, and just a little bit dangerous. But when one of their sexy games goes too far, Carol discovers how out of control Nathan’s life really is. And before long Carol is forced to choose between her safe old life and the bad boy who makes her feel like the woman she’s meant to be.

Mindy’s Review: 

*I received an ARC of this book free from NetGalley on behalf of Random House Publishing Group – Loveswept) in exchange for an honest review* 

Carol Moore is the personal assistant to Liam Stone. Carol had once loved Liam and thought she would spend the rest of her life with him. At Liam’s wedding to Ella, Carol feels her heart break and finds the next best thing to take her mind off of things. Carol has been in the high society life since meeting Liam. She has money but as they say money does not buy happiness.

Nathan Black swears off dating since Ella is marring Liam. With his heart broken he is completely shocked when Carol walks up to him demanding sex. Nathan has a crappy job, no money until he starts getting leads for a job that will take all of those worries away. Since Carol is used to living a decent life he finds it very difficult to be with her while he is working a job that cannot even pay his bills.

This book picks up where the second book ends. Carol and Nathan think they can find solace in each other since they are both heartbroken over the marriage of Liam and Ella. One night together at the wedding will not be enough for either of them. Carol finds herself thinking of Nathan often and brings it to Ella’s attention who sets the matchmaking in motion.

Nathan is offered a job that is very hard to refuse. Not only will he make a lot of money but he has all the perks in life. Bringing the job up to Carol she knows it is a very bad idea and begs him to find something else. While their love is blossoming his career is taking a drastic turn for the worse. While he wants out his boss will stop at nothing to make sure he stays on as an escort.

When the truth comes out will the relationship survive the secrets and lies? 

Mindy 3 star 

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