Review of Dragon Heart (Elise Ddraig, Dragon Chosen #1) by James D Horton

Dragon Heart

Making a mess of things!


Genre: Paranormal Romance (Dragons/Werewolves)

Book Length (Est.): 104 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

Being the Dragon Chosen isn’t all fun and games…

Last year I was three years old. Now, one year later, I’m nineteen, mostly. Magic, got to love it. My father is the King of the Gold Dragons Archer Ddraig. My mother, Queen of the Gold, is Jennifer. Oh my other father is First Knight of the Realm Logan. Yeah, two dads, one mom, I know I’m weird. Or special. I prefer special most of the time. Except right now.

Lou’s my bodyguard, best friend, and if I’m being honest, my ongoing crush. He has dark, wavy hair, wide, stocky shoulders and the most gorgeous face any man could ever have. Strong jaw, just the right amount of beard line, sharp nose, and the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen. He’s everything that makes a man sexy.

Right now I can’t control my magic, I don’t understand my suddenly adult body, I have no friends, and somehow I’ve managed to piss of the King of the Werewolves. Oh, all while facing off against a necromancer that’s threatening me and those I care about.

Being the Chosen One sucks and I’m pretty sure this is just the beginning.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

The synopsis pretty much says it all. Elise goes from three to nineteen within one year. She has the maturity, wants, and needs of a nineteen year old, but I think she still sometimes has the ‘my way’ and ‘I want it now’ attitude like a three year old. She’s loyal, she’s caring, and both will get her in trouble. She does have a small issue with being the chosen one…like the fact she has Ancients arguing in her head at any given moment. Thank goodness she learned to block their rambles out.

Remy, her mentor, is a little weird. I didn’t really get him all that much. Lou, her bodyguard and much much more, is very protective but his mood swings just made me want to yell at him.

“Lou. A cold chill runs down my spine. Memories, impossible memories, flood my thoughts any time I even begin to think about him. Things I’ve never done but I remember doing them. I know, with certainty, the taste of him on my tongue. The feel of him entering me, taking me, the sounds of his passion are clear in my mind thought we’ve never done anything like that. Outside my own fantasies.”

Rose and Remy hit it off with Elise right away, even giving away each other’s secrets to one another. Their friendship is tighter than most no matter how many people try to destroy it. And people will definitely try.

“Oh em gee, seriously? That delicious, amazing looking piece of man-meat is your bodyguard? But you’re like a shifter, that means he’s…” her eyes widen again. “I am so completely and totally jealous. I mean emerald green jealous!”

Dragon Heart takes a unique look at how dragon shifters are needed or all magic will fade. Elise is put in some dangerous situations and is left on her own to figure things out. I did however find myself wondering where her bodyguard was during all the chaos of necromancy, zombies, and other evil things. Besides that, it’s a quick and interesting read that held my attention so much I had to immediately go to the book two.

Jenn 4 Heart

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