Review of King’s Folly (Legends of Fyrsta #2) by Sabrina Flynn

King's Folly

A Fiery Journey


Genre: Epic Fantasy

Book Length (Est.): 468 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

Battered and broken, Marsais, Oenghus, and Isiilde have risked an unknown Gateway to flee a traitorous madman. The Portal spews the three, along with a trio of devout paladins, into a vast wilderness of lurking death. Isiilde soon discovers how inhospitable the realms truly are. The courageous nymph can only follow her guardian Oenghus and her Bonded through horrors unimagined, as she tries to navigate the darkness creeping over her own heart.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

I have to admit it took me longer than usual to finish reading this book, but not because of anything other than sheer length. I could put it down, come back to it days later, and upon reading a single page everything I had read previously would come flying back in perfect clarity. That fact in itself should explain the incredible depth of emotion and detail that fills the pages.

Marsais borders on that of a madman. He sometimes loses himself in reality and thankfully his bonded knows just how to reel him back into the present. I enjoyed how he kept referring to his visions and his decisions based on the game of King’s Folly. Always making choices based on the known. What he doesn’t account for is the unknown and unpredictable, and only one person is truly that.

“By the gods, your tears are even worse to bear now that we’re bonded.”

Isiilde may have started this journey broken, but by the end she’s stronger than ever and those who oppose this little nymph should be very afraid. She may hate the fact that her bonded made decisions for her without her permission, but then again he is always hardest on himself and I don’t think he ever sees himself with the happily ever after that he tries to obtain for everyone else. Thank goodness his Ms. Unpredictable recognizes that fact that he is an utter fool and knows how his mindset works. Let’s just say I cannot wait to see what happens when the vibrant red parrot lands at its destination.

“I’ve seen your eyes when you weave. You have the same look in them when you are between by thighs. You’re just as fond of your runes as I am of my fire.”

Oenghus’s secret is finally discovered by his daughter. I only hope it can remain the secret it always has been to keep others from discovering the link. The berserker/healer/guardian has and probably always will be one of my favorite characters. I love how he found a challenge with Acacia and I wonder if she’ll ever give into the sexy barbarian.

“Women can’t resist a barbarian.”

“Although you pass as a Ardmoor, the look doesn’t much suit you.”

“I’ll put on a kilt as quick as can be if you stay the night with me, Acacia.”

“I doubt you could find a kilt in Vaylin.”

“I’ll sew one if I have to.”

King’s Folly is the second book in the Legends of Fyrsta series and for any fantasy lovers out there I would definitely say it’s a series worth reading. I know I cannot wait for book three, which is due out sometime in 2016. It’s filled with layers upon layers of strategies and betrayals. So much happens and yet every detail remains vivid in my mind. I love a book that can paint such imagery and yet not feel weighed down by over description. King’s Folly is perfection in fantasy.

It does end on a slight cliffhanger, but the last few chapters are filled with such sadness and heartbreak that even though it’s a cliffhanger it brings hope and joy back into the story.

I  usually add in my favorite moments, but I enjoyed so much that there’s no way I can choose just one or two. I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I did. Happy reading!

Jenn 5 Heart

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