Review of The Last Nights of The Frangipani Hotel (The Actor’s Circle #2) by Bey Deckard

The Last Nights of The Frangipani Hotel

Damn those buggery laws… 


Genre: Erotica, Gay Romance (M/M)

Book Length (Est.): 78 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

All James wanted was a little solitude at his favourite resort: bright sunshine overhead, soft, white sand underfoot, and a hammock to read in while the warm breeze rustles through the coconut palms and almond trees. However, when an old acquaintance shows up, and James is obliged to share “his” beach, a profound exchange over a bottle of rum leads to a lust-fuelled encounter in the dark.

Reeling from the intensity of the drunken tryst, James decides to cut his vacation short rather than face what he’s kept hidden under mountains of denial.

However, his escape is thwarted when Rudie, handsome and plainspoken, calls him out on his behaviour and makes him see that life needn’t be spent running away from his desires.

Set at a rundown old resort on a small Caribbean island, The Last Nights of The Frangipani Hotel is a story about letting go of fear and learning that passion and love can be found in the most unexpected of places.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

This is the second book in The Actor’s Circle series and although there is a relation between the characters it is so minute that it can be read without having read book one, The Complications of T. However, I always suggest reading every series in order.

James is retreating from everything. He just wants to enjoy the peace and quiet from is favorite cabin at The Frangipani Hotel. It’s a lost and forgotten place that’s run down and fixing to close it’s doors, but to him it’s his retreat. A hammock, a book, and beer is all he needs to fill his days.

Rudie wanted to get away too and finds himself in the cabin next door to James. They knew each other. They’d both worked on a film together many years prior. But what he didn’t expect was for his wants and desires to actually come true.

“Then there are times when I think that I will simply stop existing, if I am not touched. And then being touched is all I can think about.”

For James, his body and heart war with his head. He isn’t quite sure what to make of his feelings for James and he sure as hell doesn’t know what to do with them…outside of the bedroom anyway. Luckily Rudie knows what he wants and he’s pretty good and wording it just perfectly to James to make him understand.

“… I’m only trying to help you see yourself in a different way. But, if you don’t want my help, I won’t give it. Just realize that I’m going to lock my door at night so that you don’t accidently find your cock in my ass again.”

The Last Nights of The Frangipani Hotel is passionate and needy. Even with James’ indecision it’s still filled with such an intense need and a bond that grows stronger every day. On the downside, as with all short stories, it does end entirely too soon.

My Favorite Laughable Moment: Swimming lessons in the pool. Sometimes your fans unknowingly have the worst time at noticing you. Nice cover, James!

Jenn 4 Heart

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