Review of The Silver Cord by J.C. Mead

The Silver Cord

Magically Speechless

Genre: Paranormal Romance (Ghosts)

Book Length (Est.): 242 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis: 

After her husband’s death, single mom Kat Cambridge yearns to get back to nature and resume her practice of witchcraft. She leaves bustling Boston and her high pressure interior design job to raise her kids in a sleepy southern town. To support herself, she and her best friend, fellow single mom Jess Greenleaf, purchase a run-down property they intend to fix and flip. But does the long-dead builder of the house have other plans?

Once she discovers an old painting in the attic, Kat begins to have reality-bending visions of a handsome Scottish soldier. While exploring the house’s history, she meets charming Colin MacKay, who unknowingly reveals the identity of the sexy specter.

The soldier summons Kat and Jess to save his drifting soul before it is lost forever. As challenging as that seems, creating the perfect spell is easy compared to choosing between the ghost who knows everything about her, and the real man in her life, who wants to.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Kat and Jess each have their unique magical gifts, but it’s Kat’s who invite her to meet the previous occupant of their newly purchased fixer upper.

With Kat able to see ghosts, well one in particular anyway, her life takes a little bit of a turn toward the very strange. Caught between a very sexy and living man, Colin, and a romantic but dead man, Donald, she finds her love life isn’t as dead as she’d hoped it to be.

“What was your favorite part?”

How modest of him to bait me. “The ice cream,” I giggled in spite of myself , I felt like a teenager around him. It was nice, but frustrated me at the same time.

“Gee, I thought the kiss was rather spectacular.”

The characters are interesting, but I didn’t feel as if there was depth to any of them. The pace moved along pretty well, but it seemed like there was at times too much detail on things that had no baring on the story and not enough detail on things I wanted to know. The storyline was a little hard for me to wrap my head around. I mean kiss the man and sleep with the ghost…yeah just strange. I honestly have no other words to describe it.

In all honesty it reminded me of a B rated movie. The kind you can’t stop watching, but only because you keep waiting for it to get to the good part.

My Favorite Quote: When Kat refers to how her husband died and how she explained it to her children.

“My husband died of a cardiac arrest while doing his assistant on his executive desk in his corner office. I told them he go sick at work and died.”

Jenn 2.5 Heart

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