Review of Rosalie’s Player (Kingston Heat #3) by Ella Jade

Rosalie's Player

The Game of Romance


Genre: Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance (Baseball)

Book Length (Est.): 147 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

Once a player, always a player. Maybe not this time.

Hopeless romantic Rosalie Millan is fresh out of college and ready to start a new life in the baseball-obsessed town of Kingston, Rhode Island. Her sister has found her forever love with the Kingston Crushers’ second baseman, and now Rosalie wants the same thing. But the man she has her sights set on is far from boyfriend material. He’s wild, sex-crazed, and hell-bent on staying single. Still, Rosalie can’t seem to give up on the bad boy.

Up-and-coming baseball pitcher Holt Clemson is on fire, both on and off the field. His career has taken him to the top, and with that success comes women, and lots of them. After spending years watching his father cheat and lie to his mother, he’s become jaded when it comes to relationships. He can have any girl he chooses, but the last one he thought he’d ever want is the only one making her way into his heart.

Rosalie wants romance, love, and a man who will do anything for her, but Holt isn’t a hearts-and-flowers kind of guy. Can this unlikely duo find some common ground? Will Rosalie make Holt see that happily ever afters do exist?

Content Warning: contains explicit sex and adult content

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Rosalie is a hopeless romantic and Holt the always player.

She wanted it all. He only wanted her body.

Holt thought he was going to convince Rosalie his way was the best way, but in order to do that he was going to try persuading her by using her techniques. Talk about a major backfire. Poor boy didn’t know what hit him until it was too late. And I enjoyed every second of it.

“It would be so easy to give this girl anything and everything she asked for. She could demand it of him and he’d do it. That was new.”

Rosalie wanted what her sister and Nic had, that forever kind of love. Plus she was beginning to have a soft spot for all those sexy baseball players that were around all the time. She’d even tried to talk Nic into setting her up with one of the other players, coerced is probably the better word, since she used it as a way for him to payback all the stuff she’d helped him out with when it came to winning over her sister. But the new hot-shot pitcher who was a hell of a player on and off the field wasn’t anywhere on the list of men he would have chosen for her.

“Screw the fairytale. Princes were overrated anyway. Dirty talking baseball players is where it’s at.”

Holt wanted her from first sight and he assumed he’d get her, that is until she told him no. Nothing could have prepared him for that one little two letter word, nor the lengths he’d go to win her over and get what he wanted. Her naked.

“You make me jealous.”

“I can’t help it if you’re insecure.”

“Not insecure,” he said. “Stark raving mad when it comes to you.”

Rosalie’s Player was a fun and entertaining read. Their back and forth games only made the game changing moments that much more heartfelt.

My Favorite Moment: I loved it when Holt met Aaron for the first time. She was stumbling over introductions and he was marking his territory and enjoying every minute of it.

Jenn 4 Heart

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