Blog Tour – Review of Ready To Rock: A Rock Star Romance (Save the Date Book 0) by Cara Connelly

Ready to Rock

Love Everlasting 


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Length (Est.): 371 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

His name is on everyone’s lips–sexy rock star Jack McCabe

Jack’s gritty New York City band is red hot, almost as hot as his fiery romance with college student Lil Marchone, the girl from his past, now the woman he loves.

The problem is, Lil’s controlling ex wants her back. Rich, powerful, and ruthless, he’ll stop at nothing–including murder–to get Jack out of her life.

But Jack’s a badass himself, always up for a fight. And with the stakes this high, he’ll risk everything for Lil, even his band. Even his life.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received an ARC of this book free from Barclay Publicity in exchange for an honest review*

Jack thinks he can do what he loves without the complications of fame. He’s the lead singer of a band that continually draws one hell of a crowd, not to mention the groupies, but he doesn’t want to be bigger than he is. He’s also an artist. His painting are loved by everyone who sees them, but the only person he paints for is himself. He doesn’t want to be rich and famous. He only wants to do the things he enjoys. If that’s working construction to pay the bills then that’s what he’ll do.

Jack is Lil’s knight in leather armor. Although he couldn’t save her parents, he did manage to pull her from the fiery car that would have killed her too. When she crosses paths with him many years later she recognizes him immediately. One never forgets the man who saved her, especially when he looks like Jack.

Lil and Jack seem to be glued together after meeting again after all those years. Best friends spending all their time together. But she wants more and he seems content being her friend…and hooking up with the groupies he even tells her about. She shouldn’t want more though, because she has a boyfriend. A very possessive one who’ll do whatever is in his power to keep her.

When their relationship finally surpasses that of just friendship they are both happy, but not everyone is, and soon they’ll be in the limelight. Jack’s colorful past and all his indiscretions will be made public…and OMG does he have a lot of sordid indiscretions! It’s meant to drive them apart, but their love is stronger than most. They’ll face paparazzi, the uninhabited countryside, and people who want them as dead as their parents. Their love may not be simple, but it is everlasting.

Ready to Rock is intense and thrilling. It’s filled with sex, humor, and suspense. It’s also very long. Most times the flow remained steady, but at other times the pace slowed down to the point of disinterest.

My Favorite Moment: Wyatt is more than he appears and when he comes to Lil’s rescue I loved him even more than I already did.

Jenn 3.5 Heart

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I’d been in Jack’s room just hours before, but it seemed like another planet now. I stopped inside the door, afraid to move. He went to the nightstand and turned on the lamp. It cast a yellow glow, like candlelight.

His brusque manner had fallen away. He watched me closely, almost shyly. “Are you sure, Lil? It’s not too late to change your mind.”

My eyes ran over his body. He was beautiful. “I’m sure.”

He came to me, slid his fingers along my jaw, buried them in my hair. Then he kissed me, long and slow and very deep. Everything I loved about him was in that kiss. Strength and tenderness and fear and lust and passion and reverence and a million other things that made up Jack.

He unzipped my jacket, slid it off my shoulders, and he never stopped kissing me. He unbuttoned my shirt as if his fingers weren’t shaking, slipped his hands inside, breath catching when he felt my skin under his palms.

He couldn’t kiss me now, he was breathing too hard. He pushed my shirt back, let it fall. Unhooked my bra, dropped it to the floor.

“Oh God, Lil,” he breathed. “Are you sure? Because I won’t be able to stop.” His strong body trembled.

My God, he loves me. He loves me. And I love him.

My heart sang the words, then I gave them voice. “I love you, Jack. I don’t want you to stop.”

He crushed me to him, heart hammering against my cheek. “Say it again.”

“I love you, Jack. I love you.”

“And I love you.” His lips were at my ear, his hand in my hair. “I’ll do anything for you. Give you everything I have, anything you want. I’ll take care of you. I’ll never let anything hurt you. I swear it.” He was so earnest, so desperate to tell me how deep his love ran.

I wound my arms more tightly around him, smiled into his throat. “I believe you. But right now, all you have to do is make love to me.”

“I can do that.” His lips closed over mine again, hot as fire. He unzipped my jeans, pushed them over my hips. I stepped out of them in only my panties.

My hands went to his shirt, fumbled with the buttons, but they were too complicated for the state I was in. I gave up, tore it open, buttons pinging on the floor. Tugged at his belt, unbuttoned his jeans.

And then he was naked, his body a wonder of lean muscle and hard cock. I feasted my eyes on him. My lips, my tongue. We fell onto the bed, arms and legs twined together, drunk with the taste of skin on skin.


Blog Tour and Excerpt courtesy of:

Barclay Publicity


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