Blog Tour – Review of Welcome to Forever (Hero’s Welcome #1) by Annie Rains

Welcome to Forever

Unity and Love 


Genre: Contemporary Romance, Military Romance

Book Length (Est.): 285 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

If you love Kristan Higgins, Susan Mallery, or Jill Shalvis, you won’t want to miss the Hero’s Welcome military romance series! Welcome to Forever introduces a small coastal town where America’s best and brightest risk everything for love.

In Seaside, North Carolina, there are two kinds of people: Marines, and kids of Marines. Then there’s Kat Chandler. Recently hired as the principal of Seaside Elementary, Kat makes it her mission to turn the school into a place of peace and calm. That’s not going to be easy with hard-liner parents like Micah Peterson storming in, telling her how to do her job—and then kissing her with those gorgeous lips of his and turning her brain into mush.

As a Marine Sergeant and a single dad, Micah Peterson has just two priorities: doing his job better than anyone else, and getting the absolute best for his son, Ben. But when he meets Ben’s beautiful new principal, a different yearning shifts into focus. He wants her, sure, but he’s also moved by the connection Kat forges with her students. So after learning that she refuses to date Marines, Micah sets two more objectives: convincing Kat to give him a chance . . . and then holding on to her forever.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received an ARC of this book free from NetGalley on behalf of Random House Publishing Group – Loveswept in exchange for an honest review*

I absolutely adored Kat, Micah, and Ben. Ben is the sweetest boy and the way he uses science to explain why his dad and Kat are perfect for each other is more than adorable, but even without a scientific explanation Micah and Kat seem made for each other.

Kat is the Principal at SES. She works hard to turn her students into outstanding kids and through her Friendship Club, formally known as detention, she’s able to really help the troubled students. Even though she gets scrutiny for it, she believes in it and will stand up for it and herself. She’s also an almost widower, as her fiancé was lost to the war. Two years after his death and she still wears her engagement ring. No matter how much she knows it’s time it’s just too hard for her to even think about moving on without him. That is until she meets Micah.

Micah, is a marine, a garden designer, SES groundskeeper, and dad. He has more than enough on his plate and the last thing he needs to worry about is finding someone to date. He’s perfectly content giving all his love and attention to his son. That is until he meets Kat and can’t get her out of his thoughts.

Acquaintances become friends, friends become lovers, and lovers become more.

Both Micah and Kat have issues that keep their walls up, but ever so slowly they each do little things that cause the other’s to fall a little at a time. Kat wants someone who won’t leave her like her ex and Micah wants someone who will not look at his son as a burden and instead love Ben just as much as he does. It’s a great thing Kat loves kids and would never think of Ben as a burden. It’s also good that Micah will vow to come back to Kat no matter what twist of fate hands him.

Welcome to Forever is a pleasurable and emotional read. It’ll take two broken hearts and show them exactly how to mend and find love. It’s been awhile since a book has made me cry and this one definitely should come with a tissue warning.

There is one part in the book with a slight continuity issue. Her dress is still wet so she puts on his shirt, but as the scene progresses it keeps talking about her having on a dress. I even had to re-read it to see if I was losing my mind, but no she definitely did not have on the wet dress.

My Favorite Laughable Moment: When Ben calls out Micah and Kat…caught kissing now that was quite funny.

Jenn 4 Heart

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“Have you thought about that kiss?” she asked, as he leaned in close to fasten her seatbelt. She couldn’t control what was coming out of her mouth. “Because I have. A little.” She started laughing again. Val had warned her that she was a horrible drunk, and evidently, it was true.

“What have you thought about it?” he asked, his voice low and bristly. Her buckle snapped into place with a loud click. He could step back now, but he didn’t.

And she didn’t want him to. What was the point of being drunk if you couldn’t say and do what you wanted, and then apologize for it in the morning? No one blamed a drunk, they blamed the drink. “I thought that I liked it. The kiss. It was amazing.” She held her breath as he lingered in front of her, his hand still resting on the seat’s buckle.

“I thought the same thing.”

“You did?” She swallowed thickly, as her heart rode up her throat.

His brow lifted. “You sound surprised.”

“I’m out of practice.” She nibbled on her lower lip, drawing his gaze there. Then his gaze flicked back to her ring. Just the thought squashed the flutterings in her chest, leaving a deep ache that vibrated with the alcohol. “He’s been gone for two years,” she said.

Micah’s brows pinched together softly.

Explaining about John in her state wasn’t a good idea, though. She might start crying, which she didn’t do in front of others anymore, and right now all she wanted to do was forget everything but their kiss. That she wanted to remember. “You could kiss me again,” she said softly.

His smile deepened and, damn, he smelled good.

Leaning in closer to her ear, his hot breath melted her as he whispered, “Kat, you’ve had too much to drink. I’m taking you home now.”

Before she could process what he’d said, he stepped back and shut the Jeep’s door, the sound as offensive as if someone had crashed cymbals in her ears. A moment later, he reappeared on the driver’s side and cranked the engine, another sound that made her wince.

She closed her eyes, unsure of what to do with her drunken emotions.

“If I kiss you again, I want to be one hundred percent sure it’s what you want. Not because my almost ex is walking up and you want to help me out. Not because you’ve had too much to drink and want to escape.”

She suddenly felt very tired, as the Jeep Cherokee headed out of the parking lot. “So, you are going to kiss me again?” she asked. Before she could hear his answer, though, her eyes closed and the sounds of the road and his voice, and the blood thundering in her head, blurred together. She remembered their kiss, the feel of his stubble roughly brushing against her cheek, and the way he had smelled like pine and fudge brownies.

No, wait. His eyes reminded her of fudge brownies. He didn’t smell like them.

Her eyes fluttered open. Yeah, she was definitely going to regret tonight in the morning.

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