Review of The Man Hunt Collection by Luke Braun

The Man Hunt Collection

Sexually Aggressive 

Genre: Gay Erotica (M/M)

Book Length (Est.): 144 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

You are the narrator, horny and on the hunt for a hot man to sink your teeth into.

This collection contains six sizzling hot gay short stories to whet your appetite for filthy hardcore man on man action. Each story follows a character from the previous episode and his sexual adventures. It’s sexy, immersive, and exceptionally slutty. Live the life of a man who has sex with men vicariously through these gripping tales of lust, submission, domination, mutual worship, and exhibitionism.


Episode 1 – You
To celebrate absolutely nailing your job interview today, you decide to head out to an underwear party in town. Armed with a new pair of Calvin Kleins and a couple of condoms, you go hunting for your next conquest, not knowing where the night may take you.

Episode 2 – Kcufed
It’s an average Saturday night hanging out with the boys, just drinking some beers and smoking a joint, when a cop decides to show up and spoil all the fun. Your stoner buddies make a run for it, but you’re not so lucky, and now you’ve got some explaining to do…or perhaps the fun is only just about to begin?

Episode 3 – Stakeout
Nothing is more boring than a stakeout. Your unreliable informant assures you that the biggest drug deal of your career is going down tonight, but it’s two o’clock in the morning and cabin fever is setting in. Fortunately, you’ve got your partner Steve along with you tonight, and he doesn’t mind trading favours to pass the time. But just as Steve goes down, so does the deal.

Episode 4 – After Hours Workout
It’s been a tough week—all but officially broken up with your girlfriend, and a shoulder injury driving you crazy. You make an appointment to see Cody, your stud physiotherapist, for him to lay his healing hands on you. After the session, you head to the sauna where relaxation turns to slumber. Ever wondered what happens in the gym after closing time? You’re about to find out.

Episode 5 – Roommate Audition
The hunt for a new place to live is starting to make you feel desperate; ten apartments in the last couple of days, all dumps. You arrive outside the front entrance to a funky retro-fitted warehouse apartment building. This was the cheapest apartment listed in your price range, the one you were holding out the least amount of hope for, but it’s the nicest of the lot. Too nice! There’s got to be a catch.

Episode 6 – Naked Yoga
You’ve watched the all-male naked yoga class across the street from your apartment window for months, now it’s time to give it a try. But you’re a dismal failure at yoga. You suck at the positions, even the easy ones. You can’t let your mind relax for even five minutes without getting distracted. So it’s no surprise when the instructor asks you to stay after the class is finished to practice a few of the moves.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Let me start by staying this collection of short stories is told in second person. I’ve never read anything in second person before and to be honest it’s a little strange, especially for the type of book it is. M/M romance books are mostly read by woman and it’s hard to be the “you” in the story when I’m a woman.

Each story is like a link in the long chain. It’s begins with two people, the “you” and the other guy. The second story is about the other guy…and that’s the set pattern throughout the collection with the next one always about the other guy.

These are very detailed and erotic stories and would have been a lot hotter if I’d felt like I was actually part of the story. Instead I felt like a voyeur seeing it through someone else’s eyes.

If you don’t mind a second person POV and you like a good hardcore M/M erotica then I’d suggest you read it. If anything it was definitely interesting.

On a side note, if this was my only reference into gay erotica I’d say sexy gay and bi men are sluts, because damn they all are in these stories!

Jenn 3 Heart

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