Review of A Woman’s Pleasure by J.F. Kelly

A Woman's Pleasure

A Glimpse Into A Man’s Head


Genre: Romantic Erotica

Book Length (Est.): 387 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

Follow the sizzling hot, yet romantic and sensually sexual adventures of twenty-five very different men as they encounter their first sexual, most erotic, and most sensual experiences in satisfying the desires of women in A Woman’s Pleasure.

The erotic adventures of A Woman’s Pleasure will carry readers to a new, heightened state of sexual awareness. Each of the many sexual experiences is surrounded by an aura of romance, respect, and mutuality, where both women and men experience total pleasure and complete satisfaction.

Making love is not something you do to someone-it’s something you share. Women should be equal players in the sexual encounter. They express their sexuality as intensely as men and should also participate as much as men do in driving the lovemaking experience.

The real-life sensual, sexual, and lovemaking interactions in these stories will empower women to seek sexual fulfillment and show men how to make love so that women will achieve sexual satisfaction.

Men will discover how to give sensual, sexual pleasure to their women and understand that by giving pleasure, they will receive pleasure-which is something that can’t be learned from watching porn.

At times, these stories make you blush; other times, they’ll leave your heart-and other body parts-throbbing. They are sure to stimulate your senses, stir your thoughts, and inspire your fantasies. More importantly, men and women alike will realize what it means to make love and feel unparalleled pleasure.

This book will help men and women redefine their lovemaking and sexual expression with each other. No matter what age or stage their relationship is at, they can transform their interaction from “what was” and “what is” to “what can be.”

There are no fetishes, kinkiness, or control issues involved-but plenty of romance, love, and caring to enjoy foreplay, satisfaction, and afterglow.

Give it to your lover, husband, or wife. Read it together or alone. Keep it by your bedside. You will continually return to certain sexual encounters you especially enjoy many times over.

Jennifer Review: 

*I received this book free from Bostick Communications in exchange for an honest review*

A Woman’s Pleasure is set up interview style. Twenty-five men are asked questions about themselves, their sexual experiences, and a few are even asked scenario questions. This is however a work of fiction so how real these twenty-five men are or how edited their responses is anybody’s guess.

Some of the questions repeat throughout the book and some are uniquely designed for the type of man. The top ten I saw repeatedly were:

Can you describe yourself?

Can you talk about one of your earlier (or sometimes your first) sexual experience (s)?

What is your favorite position?

What is your best sexual experience to date?

What is your most frequent fantasy when you go solo?

What personal characteristics do women find attractive about you?

What would you consider to be one of the greatest challenges facing intimate sexual relationships?

What is your most romantic and sensual experience?

What are some of your foreplay whisperings in your sexual encounters?

What is the most erotic experience that you have had so far?

To me some of the answers seemed more like what a woman would like to hear versus what would be closer to reality. It’s sort of like getting a behind the scenes interview with your favorite book boyfriends. If something like that would interest you then this is a book that would entertain your curiosity. For me, it took what seemed like forever for me to get through it.

Jenn 2.5 Heart

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