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Captivating and Emotional


Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book Length (Est.): 251 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

The first book in the new series, EXILED.

The angel, Kellareal, stopped the genocide of generations of hybrids, who had been bred for research and spent their entire lives imprisoned. Against orders, he spirited them away to a dimension where they would have freedom and purpose.

In a vindictive fit, Rosie Storm asked Kellareal for a place to hide out. He knew just the place for her to grow up, learn emotional control, and other things.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received an ARC of this book free from Book Enthusiast Promotions in exchange for an honest review*

Kellareal broke the rules when he transported the Exiled to another dimension. In essence he altered what would have naturally become in both dimensions.

Rosie is younger than she seems and hasn’t figured out that tantrums aren’t the way to get things, but then again one got her in a self-proclaimed timeout with the Exiled. Being there, helping out, it’s where she finds herself…and her heart’s desire.

Carnal is the eldest son of the Exiled’s leader, Free. He’s most definitely all alpha male and oh boy does he know it. But Rosie brings out a different side in him and it’s quite interesting to watch their relationship blossom.

“I don’t want to be your boy toy, Rosie.”

“Good. Then we’re agreed.” She looked pointedly at this hand on her wrist, detaining her progress.

“But I might want to be your man.”

Carnal brings something new and unique to life. The storyline and characters are captivating. I loved all of them…Free, Serene, Charming, even Deliverance. I found myself thinking about it instead of sleeping and oh my goodness when it ended….so so emotional! Even though I knew what was going to happen I couldn’t have unglued my eyes from that last chapter if I wanted to.

The only major downside was that since I haven’t read the Knights of Black Swan series I felt like I was missing something. This is the first book in the Exiled series, but I’m pretty sure it’s a spin-off from the Knights of Black Swan. It has little references throughout that made me wish I’d read the other series first.

My Favorite Laughable Moment: Dandy was pretty sweet once I got to know her and I loved her interactions with Rosie.

“Good. Back to work. And forget about Carnal.”


“You’re not forgetting about him, are you?”

“I am.” Dandy raised her eyebrows. “I am! Really!”

Jenn 4.5 Heart

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“Let’s take a walk. There’s a spot up above the training grounds. It’s quiet, private, pretty.” When she looked up at him, he bent and rubbed his nose against hers in a way that was not common for humans, but definitely sexy.

“What are we going to do there?” She hoped she didn’t sound as breathless, and eager, as she felt.

“I’m going to get to know everything there is to know about you, my little sex demon.”

“I’m not a sex demon, Carnal. I’m just part sex demon.”

“Okay,” he smiled. “If you say so. I just know that I’ve never felt this way about a female before. I figure something supernatural must be at work.”

Rosie didn’t know whether to be more thrilled about the proclamation that she was special to him or about the fact that his feelings were unusual enough to suspect that she’d bewitched him. She was thinking that she needed to tell Charming to keep the witchcraft book a secret when Carnal said, “So tell the truth. You’re part witch, right? Did you put a spell on me?”

He stopped and turned to face her.

She knew the drill at that point. He was fishing for half truths and untruths, so she met his eyes.

“No, Carnal. I have not used magic on you or altered the natural course of things in any way. Other than fixing your motorbike.”

“Motorcycle,” he corrected. “Would you like me to be under your spell?”

She laughed and pulled away. “I don’t have to answer that.”

He caught up with her quickly and fell into step beside her. “Free thinks you’ll be leaving soon.”

“Does he?”

“Is he right?”

“Honestly, Carnal, I guess I don’t know from one day to the next. Every day I wake up and think, ‘I’ll stay one more day’.”

“Why?” She gave him a confused look. “Not that I’m not glad you’re here, but from a purely clinical and objective standpoint, why have you stayed?”

“I’m not sure my answers would make sense.”

“Tell me anyway.”

“I like working at the Commons. I like living in your parents’ house. I like the way Charming treats me like a sister. I like Dandelion. I like that your father listens to my ideas and gives me respect.”

Carnal pulled her to a stop again and lifted her chin so that she had to look at him. “I didn’t hear anything in there about me.”

“I didn’t either.”

“Tell me. Am I part of the reason why you’ve stayed?”

Carnal Teaser 1

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