Review of Graffiti in Love (Love and Lawbreakers #1) by G.G. Andrew

Graffiti in Love

Taking Risks 


Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy

Book Length (Est.): 273 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

KaveMan is a London graffiti artist–world famous, wealthy, brilliantly creative. And Laurel Xavier hates him.

Laurel, a laid-off city planner, is bitter from compromising her dreams and still losing her sensible job. So when she gets a glimpse of the mysterious KaveMan, whose dream is apparently painting others’ property in her hometown of New Haven, she’s determined to find him, unmask him, and ruin his so-called career–even if it means losing some shoes and self-respect in the process.

But why does chasing KaveMan make her feel more alive than she’s felt in years?

KaveMan isn’t used to sharing his real self, let alone his real name. But when he’s caught by Laurel Xavier, he starts to realize the one woman he yearns to whisper his secrets to is someone who would scream his identity from the highest rooftop. That would mean the end of his work, his passion. It can’t ever happen.

Unfortunately, he bloody well can’t seem to stay away from her.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Laurel has an artistic soul, but life pushed her towards something more stable and secure…which also ended her up jobless. Now the only art she does is on the side for her own pleasure. When KaveMan comes to town she sees it as an outrage, but she doesn’t get personally obsessed with stopping him until he targets her with his “art”.

“Maybe if you see him you should invite him to have sex with you,” Kim said, watching her sister’s reaction. “You seem like you could use it.”

KaveMan uses art to brighten up the world. He doesn’t see it as vandalism, not when he’s adding color to the dreary. Even though he enjoys what he does I kind of think of him as a lonely man who’s stuck hiding behind his persona. It’s nice watching how he begins to open up once he meets Laurel.

“No, we’re not safe,” he murmured, trailing a finger down her cheek. “I’m never bloody safe when I’m around you.”

Graffiti in Love is about finding yourself while embracing change. The game of cat and mouse between Laurel and KaveMan is interesting and entertaining as their worlds collide. And I loved how it ended!

I’d love to read more about Laurel’s sister and the cop…now that should make for an interesting story.

My Favorite Phrase: “Mental Masturbation.”

Jenn 4 Heart

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