Blog Tour – Review of Blood and Fire (Guardian Witch #4) by Ally Shields

Blood and Fire

Sass and Fire…what a combination!


Genre: Paranormal Suspense, Romance (Witches, Werewolves, Vampires)

Book Length (Est.): 306 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

Guardian Witch Book Four

A dead body, black magic, and a vampire enforcer…

Ari thought her biggest problem was deciding if she should move in with her vampire boyfriend, Andreas. That was before they found the dead body at the bottom of the Riverdale cliffs. And before she realized he’d been cursed by black magic.

Just as she begins the murder investigation, the vampire rulers in Europe send an enforcer to make inquiries into the recent defeat of the Toronto vampire prince. While Andreas has taken responsibility for the brutal dictator’s death, there is much about the incident that he and Ari must keep to themselves—secrets the vampire elders would stop at nothing to learn.

With threats of retaliation hanging over their heads, Ari moves into Andreas’s Victorian mansion—for safety’s sake—while the enforcer begins a campaign of terror. Ari is caught between competing dangers and challenges: black magic, a ghost, a missing Native American artifact…not to mention a new roommate…all while trying to stay alive…

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from Red Moon Book Tours in exchange for an honest review*

Andreas is now Prince of Riverdale and all he wants is for his little witch to move in with him so he can keep her close and protected, but Ari is quite independent and if her safety wasn’t involved I’m not sure she’d ever even consider agreeing. He, on the other hand, can be quite persuasive in getting his way.

“Still angry with me? Don’t be,” he whispered, melting her irritation away. “I only want to keep you safe.”

Ari is still feisty as every, but now she’s torn between her duty as Guardian and her need to be by Andreas’s side. It may be impossible to be everywhere at once, but that won’t keep her from trying. Riverdale is important to her, but at the same time she cannot turn away from where her heart tells her she needs to be.

“Are you positive, cara mia? This is not yet your fight?”

“Yeah, right. I’ve been part of this fight since we med.” She quirked a smile at him. “What could be more fun than irritating some nasty, old vampiress?”

In Blood and Fire lines will be drawn and lines will certainly be crossed for when it comes to having an enforcer in your area it is always good to have a determined fire witch at your disposal. Between the black magic drifting into Riverdale and the enforcer showing off her strength this book is full of action. There’s also a little more on the romantic front when it comes to Andreas and Ari, not to mention the added humor and occasional tension Gabriel can add. As in the previous books in the Guardian Witch Series the characters all continue to play off one another in forming a suspenseful and enchanting read.

My Favorite Moment: I liked the ending. Nothing like a little realization to put one’s fears to rest.

Jenn 5 Heart

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The Guardian Witch Series

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