Blog Tour – Review of Fire Storm (Guardian Witch #5) by Ally Shields

Fire Storm

Never Lose Faith In Your Love


Genre: Paranormal Suspense, Romance (Witches, Werewolves, Vampires)

Book Length (Est.): 300 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

Guardian Witch Book 5

Sometimes you just need to stay alive to fight another day.

Six months ago Ari moved in with the vampire prince Andreas. They defied the vampire elders in Europe, killed their enforcer, and have waited for retaliation that never came.

Until now.

On a trip to Italy, Andreas is captured by the vampire rulers, the notorious O-Seven, and taken in chains to their stronghold in Germany. Ari goes after him, even though it’s against the orders of her Magic Council. She is fired for her actions, losing her special Guardian powers at a time she needs them most.

But the vampire rulers are not through with her or with those who attempt to help her. They launch attacks in Europe and at home in Riverdale. Ari is forced to fight them on several fronts, and victory grows increasingly uncertain.

Her last chance to rescue Andreas is a daring plan that places her in the hands of the O-Seven and relies on untested witch magic, the final hope for their survival.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from Red Moon Book Tours in exchange for an honest review*

Unlikely bonds are formed, traitors step forward to revel in their treachery, and life for Andreas and Ari will change forever.

Ari and Andreas are officially living together, but with the threat of the O-Seven still pushing in around them things are more tense than happy. When Andreas is taken captive Ari will stop at nothing to get him back…not even his resistance or stories of betrayal will keep her from following her heart.

“Are you all right? My God, Arianna. I wanted to tear out their evil hearts.”

There’s a lot that happens in Fire Storm, and yet at the same time it seemed to drag on as if nothing was happening. For the overall series storyline I know there were important things that light was shed on, but at the same time this was definitely not my favorite book. Many of the characters I have grown to love only had minor parts and many new characters were introduced that I didn’t feel connected to. However, I loved the ending!

My Favorite Moment: I always enjoy when Ari has gotten fed up and goes barging in somewhere. Warlock or not she’ll set Riverdale free with her fiery vengeance and when push comes to shove she’ll take back what’s hers.

Jenn 3.5 Heart

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The Guardian Witch Series

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