Review of Lost Without You by Jamie W. Matlock

Lost Without You

Break-ups, Make-ups, and Pizza


Genre:  Contemporary Romance, Rock Star Romance

Book Length (Est.): 295 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

**A second chance/rock star romance.**
**This book will be a complete standalone.**

Just a single ticket. No note. No return address. Only the promise of seeing her ex-best friend doing what he loves.

Best friends since before they can remember, Olivia Stallings and Ryker Jennings were practically inseparable. Right up until Ryker confesses his love for her during sophomore year in the booth of the local Pizza Hut. Caught off guard by the seemingly out of the blue confession, Olivia freezes.

But a friendship like theirs could certainly survive a blow like that.

When Ryker leaves after graduation to pursue his dream of becoming a musician, Olivia is crushed. Even worse, is that she realizes her love for him too late. And when he shows up unexpectedly two years later, she’s all set to confess her feelings so that they can begin their happily ever after. Except Ryker’s got a bit of news of his own. News that shatters the future she’s planned with the one person who means the most to her.

Apparently, neither love nor friendship can survive the news that Ryker’s going to be a father or that he intends to marry the mom-to-be.

Six years later, in a crumbling relationship, Olivia receives a solitary ticket to Ryker’s show. Torn between want to and need to, love and responsibility, Olivia has a decision to make – a decision that will surely change the course of her future.

Will Ryker’s bombshell bring them back together? Or will the events after serve to draw the line that finally divides them for good?

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

They’d been best friends since kindergarten, but life got in the way of their ever-changing feelings for one another. After a six year hiatus from their friendship Ryker suddenly reopens the door and reluctant or not Olivia will take it.

There are a lot of ups and downs, but for what the plot lacks the characters make up for. Ryker is hilarious and his mouth tends to run away on its own. Olivia is more reserved and morally strong, but when things finally go her way there’s nothing to keep her passions from exploding. They definitely have chemistry, it’s just a matter of if they give into it or not.

Lost Without You is a book about never letting go of the one who holds your heart. It’ll remind you that it’s best to speak up…so many things could have been different if feelings were shared when they were felt instead of years later.

The downside…there is a lot of internal dialogue going on in Olivia’s head and at times it’s a bit much. Thank goodness Ryker could distract me as much as he did her.

My Favorite Laughable Moment: I really enjoyed when Ryker met Olivia’s friends. He just would not give her a break, and neither would her friends.

“Oh…my-God,” Lacey said, again looking between the two of us. “You two… In there… Before we got here?”

Jenn 3.5 Heart

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