Review of Tease Me (Zane Series Book 3) by J. L. Leslie


Tease Me!

Genre:  Love & Romance

Book Length (Est.): 170 pages

Book Description/Synopsis: 

Lennon Zane has never been one to shy away from men. A fact that her two older brothers despise. But ever since her tragic childhood spent in a foster home was exposed to the media, she’s sworn off dating for a while. Until she meets him…

Swift Cole is not the type of man Lennon normally dates. He doesn’t wear a suit and tie. He’s not clean-cut. He’s a construction worker with tattoos and he plays the drums in a band. But she can’t deny she’s attracted to him…

Lennon is under scrutiny from everyone. Her brothers. Her company. The media. She wants something just for her. Better yet, someone just for her. No one needs to know. And she knows who she wants…

But will Swift agree to her rules or will he want more than she’s willing to offer? Can she abide by her own rules? Or will she break them?

Find out in Tease Me. The final installment in the Zane Series.

**Due to mature language and explicit sexual scenes, this book is intended for mature readers only.**

Mindy’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Lennon Zane is not one to shy away from men or a good time. Having the family company and having her two overprotective brother’s keeps her relationships short or so she likes to place the blame on them. Once the story of their childhood was made public she swore off men for a while. Meeting her friends for a fun night out will make her rethink her decision and take a chance.

Swift Cole is ex-military that is currently working construction. Sometimes for a side gig he will play drums in a band with his friends. When he plays at a club one night he runs into a mystery woman that he meet on Halloween. He has never forgot the one woman that has caught his attention. When he tries to talk to her she just blows him off. When he realizes he is also working on a construction job for her company he finds a very creative way to talk to her again.

Lennon is under the spotlight from everyone. Her brothers, the press. It just seems like she cannot have anything for herself. When she cannot get Swift off of her mind she makes him a deal he can hardly refuse. But once feelings get involved and Lennon’s popularity with the press come to surface Swift might have some secrets he does not want in the open. Some things are just worth risking for love.

I have been waiting to read Lennon’s story. I really fell in love with this book, the chemistry between Lennon and Swift, the storyline, panty dropping moments. It has a bit of an emotional story line but some very hot steamy scenes that draw you in and make you pant for more. I have to say this might just be one of my favorite series!  

Mindy 5 Heart 

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