Where’s Your Favorite Vacation Spot?

If you’re wondering why it’s been so quiet this week it’s because Mindy and I decided to take a week off. With summer in full swing balancing work, kids, vacations, and a little romance with our blog can be difficult at times so I decided last minute that I wanted a week off and she definitely did not argue. So instead of posting a book review I thought I’d get a little personal.

If you read my bio you’ll know I love road trips. This summer I’ve taken my kids down to Galveston to play in the sand and saltwater. The Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier was a lot of fun, but somewhere during parenthood my stomach lost its nerves of steel and those rides my kids love no longer hold the same amusement for me. It’s safe to say that the swings (those harmless little swings that go in circles) are the epitome of evil. I’ll admit I wanted to sit and let my stomach catch up on more than one occasion, but the super mom in me powered through with all smiles. I don’t think I ever felt more relieved than when my son said, “I’m tired,” and asked if we could go back to the hotel. Thank goodness for small miracles.

We also did a little sightseeing at the Space Center Houston with a tram ride into the NASA complex. They have a Mythbusters interactive area where you not only get to try your hand at breaking the myths, but you also get to learn all about the myths. All the facts are posted so you get in a little educational experience with your fun. There is also many things for kids of all ages to do. I swear we ran all around this place for hours and never once got bored.

I’d love for everyone to share their favorite vacation spots. I’m always looking for somewhere new to go and personal insights are so much better than relying on the internet to steer me in the right direction.

~ Jennifer




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4 responses to “Where’s Your Favorite Vacation Spot?

  1. One of my favorite spots so far was Bryce Canyon in Utah. Smaller than the overwhelming Grand Canyon, the colors are fabulous, and you an play inside it much easier. I also found Santa Barbara to be a nice spot. Perfect climate, whale watching, but I think it was more the sense of peace than anything else (during a very tumultuous time in my life).

  2. shay grauberger

    Bear tooth pass in Red lodge Mountain.

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