Review of Let The Waves Come In by J. L. Leslie

Let The Waves Come In

True love is worth the wait

Genre: Erotica Romance

Book Length (Est.): 160 pages

Book Description/Synopsis: 

I’m Aubrey Somers. I’ve landed my dream job. I have a great apartment and I still keep in touch with my best friend…even though he lives hundreds of miles away. I’ve even started dating again. I have a lot going for me.

It doesn’t matter that I have to take an anti-depressant everyday or see a therapist every other week. It doesn’t matter that I refuse to drive anywhere. The wreck that ruined everything I had is almost a distant memory. Almost.

But now I have two men in my life. Two men who want to be with me. Two men I never thought I’d have the chance to be with. And I feel like I’m drowning…

“His hungry mouth consumes everything from me. All of my emotions. When he pulls away, I don’t know what to feel. What to want. Who to want.” – Let The Waves Come In

**This book contains explicit language and sexual scenes. It is meant for adult readers only.**

Mindy’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Aubrey loves her apartment and job. She does not like the secrets that she carries about her ex fiancé or the fact that she has been in love with her best friend’s brother since she was a teenager. Dealing with the guilt of her ex fiancé being paralyzed when she wrecked her car has been difficult. But when he walks back into her life she finally realizes that she is not to blame.

Declan has been in love with his brothers best fiend forever. Taking her virginity one night and then being a complete jerk about it pretty much sealed his fate with her. Going into the military and then running secret missions has kept his mind very busy. But when he finally runs into Aubrey and is looking for a place to live she just happens to be looking for a roommate.

Aubrey and her best friend Drew are very close. He knows all of her secrets and issues. Although he is in a relationship of his own they all seem to be jealous of the friendship that they have. Declan honestly feels like there is more between Aubrey and Drew but he cannot overcome his feelings for her. When the truth is laid out he finally realizes they can be happy with each other. Now only if he can get her to trust him.

This was a fun but sad read. The emotions that Aubrey is feeling grab ahold of the reader. You want to just jump in the book and yell at her for feeling so guilty. The chemistry between Aubrey and Declan is great. They never really got over each other and seem to be able to pick up where they left off after all of these years.

I cannot wait to read about Drew. He really deserves some happiness and an understanding woman. 

Mindy 4 Star 

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