Blog Tour – Review of The Earl of Ice by Helen A. Grant

The Earl of Ice

A Little Heat Can Melt Ice 


Genre: Historical Romance

Book Length (Est.): 137 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

Rollo Stannington, the Earl of Brockwood, is considered a wonderful catch by the mamas of the ton. He is young, handsome and extremely wealthy. What mother can resist having him as a son-in-law? If only their daughters didn’t pale and tremble in his presence and beat a hasty retreat as soon as they could! Rollo, nicknamed “The Earl of Ice” because of his frigid demeanor, welcomes this reaction. He has no intention of marrying. Ever. 

Dianna Wells, a young debutante, is immune to Rollo’s coldness. Where other ladies stand tongue tied before him, she chats gaily and comfortably with him. She even enjoys dancing with him. No one knows that Rollo and Diana share a devastating secret. One that draws them together yet will ultimately test their growing attraction to each other…

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from Romance Addict Book Blog in exchange for an honest review*

Rollo has an icy exterior, but the more you get to know him the more you realize he’s a very sweet man and he has good reason for that iciness. There are secrets he holds near and dear and due to his status he’d never want to get out. Lucky for him there’s someone who not only knows his secret, but understands why he is the way he is.

Dianna witnessed something as a child that she never told a soul and now that she’s a debutante she runs into those same familiar eyes and knows there’s no way he can be as cold as everyone thinks he is. Where others are afraid of Rollo, she is not. Opposite actually. She is quite taken with him.

“You must call me by my name, not ‘my lord.'”

“You wish for me to call you ‘Earl of Ice’?” teased Diana

Rollo did not smile but his eyes twinkled with laughter as he replied, “Rollo will be quite adequate.”

When things go bad for Dianna, Rollo feels that he could have prevented things before they happened and therefore feels a sense of debt to her. He’ll try to make things right and when he seems to only make things worse he’ll follow his heart and do what he should have done in the very beginning.

Their relationship crosses the journey of time and evolves into quite the happy ending.

Jenn 3.5 Heart

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