Blog Tour – Review of Jameson (Brothers Ink #1) by Nicole James


Tattoos, Piercings, and…Business Owner?!?!


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Length (Est.): 225 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

Jameson O’Rourke owns the primo tattoo shop in town, one he’s worked hard to build. And in his industry, he’s the current ‘it’ boy, the reigning King of Ink. His career is on fire, so hot television has even come calling. And as a result, the town bad-boy has now become the town’s favored son.

Ava Hightower needs his face on her flyers, if she is to have any hope of her charity gala and bachelor auction being a success. Unfortunately, they get along like oil and water. He’s a hardheaded, controlling jerk, and she’s already had one run-in with the man. Asking him, of all people, for help is the last thing she wants to do.

Not exactly a match made in heaven.

Jameson doesn’t think too highly of Miss Hightower, either.

To him, she’s just an uptight, stuck-up, know-it-all; a little Miss Goody-two-shoes. Not in a million years was she the type that he’d have anything to do with. Unfortunately she is also on the city council, and therefore has the ability to screw with his business.

He needed her help once before, and she shot him down.

Now the tables are turned, and she needs his help. Well, my, my, sweetheart, karma can be a cold-hearted bitch.

But, hey, maybe he could work this to his advantage.

You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours, and all that crap.

So they cut a deal. One he has no intention of ever having to fulfill, because he plans to make it impossible for her to keep her end of it.

She thought she could outlast him. Guess again, sweet thing. She may be a stubborn woman, but she’s met her match. And he has no intention of letting her win this game.

Be warned, sweetheart, because the King of Ink has plans to push your limits in ways you’ve never imagined.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from Mark My Words Book Publicity in exchange for an honest review*

Jameson and Ava have a lot more in common than either would have expected. They’re both the eldest siblings, they both have similar family scenarios, and they are both stubborn as all get up. Neither is willing to give an inch to get what they want. Watching them interact is like waiting for the grand finale firework display on the Fourth of July; you know it’s going to be awesome and you couldn’t look away even if you wanted to.

The problem with that was I wanted to. Until over halfway through the relationship between Jameson and Ava has absolutely no depth. Yes, they irritate each other. Yes, you can occasionally see the sexual tension. But there’s not depth; it’s all topical. “Do this, don’t do that” types of conversations. All the fun and interesting things happen when Ava’s sister or Jameson’s brothers are involved.

However, once Jameson and Ava cross the line there is a definite heat increase throughout the pages. Evil words are replaced by challenging kisses; each one wanting to push the other more and more out of their comfort zone.

Jameson is the first book in the Brother’s Ink series and after meeting Max, Liam, and Rory I’m looking forward to seeing what life has in store for them.

“I think you tow like fighting, or maybe you’re both just scared of what would happen if you stop.”

My Favorite Moment: Council meetings aren’t always as boring as one might expect. Especially not when Jameson has something to say to council member Ava.

Jenn 4 Heart

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