Blog Tour – Review of Beast (Righteous Outlaws #4) by Savannah Rylan


No Rest For The Wicked


Genre: Romantic Suspense, MC Romance

Book Length (Est.): 235 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

 Bentley “Beast” Harris became a Righteous Outlaw over a decade ago and never looked back. He gained the reputation as being the deadliest among the Outlaws, a skilled killer with no remorse or regrets. What his brothers don’t know is beneath the dark, death stare, and permanent scowl, he is drowning in regrets from a past he can never go back to.

Ryan Stanson grew up with dreams of becoming a police officer like her father, despite her mother’s objections. After a deadly mistake that took the life of her partner, Ryan is ready to leave the dangerous city life behind her and go home to Black Hills to start over. When Ryan takes a call to check out the local docks, she soon realizes that the small town she grew up in is more dangerous than the city she left behind, and Beast is at the center of it all.

Two damaged souls, refusing to forgive themselves for mistakes of the past, are brought together. With one on the right side of the law and the other on the wrong side, will what they share be enough to destroy the divide that keeps them apart? And will these two be able to come to terms with their pasts before they destroy themselves and everyone they love in the process?

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from Mark My Words Book Publicity in exchange for an honest review*

Beast has a past he doesn’t like anyone to know about. You’d think with how secretive he is about it that it would be filled with illegal things instead of the kind of things people would be proud of, but to him it’s nothing to be proud of and he’d like for it to stay right where it’s meant to be…in the past. The problem with that is Ryan can be one nosey little woman and Beast can’t help but succumb to her questioning.

“… You made me want you. Want something I swore I would never want again. I fought it. Every second I was with you, I fought it. But I can’t anymore. And I don’t want to.”

Ryan is supposed to be the Righteous Outlaws’ new link to the town law enforcement, but when Beast discovers she’s a woman and not a man things won’t go as planned. For either of them.

Ryan thought moving home and taking over for her father would be a walk in the park compared to the city, but she was wrong. With the Army trying to move into the Righteous Outlaws’ territory she’s basically walking into a war zone. One with murder, car bombs, and things she’s better off not knowing about.

“He tasted like a pungent mix of sin and desire that left me completely intoxicated and frantic for more.”

Beast is a story of the fine line between right and wrong, law and crime. It’ll dance the slim gray area between the two and leave you feeling the light amongst the dark.

The relationship between Beast and Ryan is as sweet as it is intense. Their fiery passion leapt from the pages. And the Righteous Outlaws remind us of how important family is and how there are no lengths too long when it comes to protecting them.

On a side note, I have noticed that some people say this can be read as a standalone, but I wouldn’t recommend it. There is an underlying story that continues throughout every book and you have to read them all and in order if you want to understand it.

My Favorite Moment: There comes a time when Ryan will stand up for what’s right and for the man who deserves it even if he doesn’t believe so himself and she’ll do it in front of the entire town.

Jenn 4 Heart

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