Review of Charming (Exiled #3) by Victoria Danann


Some Realties Cannot Change, Some Can


Genre: Paranormal Romance, Sci-fi

Book Length (Est.): 190 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:

*A string of murders point to a hybrid killer.

*A girl on the run is dropped off at Charming’s door.

*His previously well-ordered world has turned into one big hot mess.

For six years humans have lived in peace with the human-animal hybrids known as the EXILED, integrating, intermarrying, and sharing culture. Despite his youth, Charming reluctantly accepted the role of leader and gained the respect of hybrids and humans alike. Everything has been progressing smoothly until a series of human murder victims begin turning up with evidence pointing to a hybrid killer.

While Charming is struggling to manage a city in crisis with fear and racial tension, Rosie Storm arrives unexpectedly, leaves a human female for him to protect, and disappears without leaving a way to reach her. At the worst possible time, he finds himself with an unwelcome guest sporting ingratitude and a body that has him thinking twice about dating humans.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Charming is the third and final book in the Exiled series. It takes us into the new world where humans and EXILED live in harmony, or well they’re trying to at least. With humans being murdered it’s looking more and more like someone doesn’t want the harmonization.

Throughout the series I’ve watched Charming grow up and become the leader he is, but getting to know him up close and personal made me witness the kind of man he truly is. He works hard because he doesn’t want to let anyone down, even if the weight of the world is pushing him further down everyday his people come first.

Ana couldn’t catch a break. After her father died everything just circled around until it slowly went completely down the drain. Thank goodness she literally runs into Rosie (which by the way I missed and was glad to her make a reappearance in the series) who offers her a permanent rescue. No one would ever find her where Rosie dropped her off.

Forced to be roommates Charming and Ana try to make the best of it. She gets to know the town and even learns a trade. He gets peace from her presence, when she’s not driving him crazy that is. As the days fly by they become closer until one night a grand gesture is made; one that definitely does not go as planned and it forces two people to realize their true feelings.

I loved Charming and Ana’s story, but it wasn’t as moving as Carnal and Crave. It does, however, have a little more suspense.

My Favorite Laughable Moment: Charming loves his cookies…a little too much.

“Those were mine!” roared Charming.

Scar freed himself from Charming’s grip and then said, “I paid for them.”

“She gave them to me!”

Jenn 4 Heart

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