Review of Dragon’s Baby (Red Planet Dragons of Tajss #1) by Miranda Martin and Juno Wells

Dragon's Baby

Whoever thought you needed words to communicate must not be doing it right…


Genre: Sci-fi, Romance

Book Length (Est.): 160 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:

Not every alien is an enemy, even if he kidnaps you…

Calista is happy with her life of scientific research. She has no need for a man, she has her books, her friends, and her work. Things are fine until her ship is attacked by space pirates and crash lands on a desert planet with heat so intense she and her friends can’t survive without help.

Ladon is a Zmaj warrior resigned to a life alone, who only desires to protect his treasures. His hopes for a mate faded long ago, yet when he meets Calista something stirs. It takes no more than one look to know that she belongs to him. He’s been alone for so long but she is the ultimate treasure and he will protect her.

Now there’s only the small problem of her living long enough to understand.

A devastated planet, a mysterious history, space pirates, and threats environmental and alien beset them on all sides. The sexy Zmaj warrior will have to battle the planet’s ultimate threat in an epic effort to obtain the one thing he knows Calista needs to survive. Then maybe they can begin to come to terms with the feelings they create in each other.

But will the other humans accept this huge and alien looking dragon warrior? Or will they find him just as big a threat as the rest of the red planet? The future of both their races depends on it.

Alien Dragon’s Baby is a full length scifi novel with a happily ever after ending, plenty of steam, bloody battles and alien-human intrigue.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

The humans in this book are born, raised, and will eventually die all on the same ship. It’s their destiny. That is until their ship is attacked by pirates and they crash land on a planet equivalent to Vulcan. Surrounded by sand and a heat that will slowly kill them all they are forced to evaluate their surroundings and search for anything that would help them survive.

Calista is a botanist, who’s used to working in a lab, and now she’s forced into field work. A job that she is unable to do because of the planet’s conditions. They’ll leave her on the edge of death, but unknown to her she has a guardian angel – or in this case a guardian dragon – who will do anything to keep her alive and healthy.

Ladon is one of the few left of his kind; he’s also the last one left in his city. Alone for so long he’d come to the conclusion that he’d always be that way, but one look at the female who’d crashed down from the sky left him reconsidering his alone status. He wanted her. He wanted to treasure her.

“She touches me and a shudder rips through my spine as my desire flames into a roaring sun. I open my eyes and meet hers. Beautiful, shiny, and I fall into them losing myself.”

Unable to communicate in each other’s languages Calista and Ladon come up with alternative ways to do so. Ways that bring them closer together.

Dragon’s Baby drops you smack dab in the middle of a new and interesting world that will put an interesting spin on human/dragon relations. The planet and all its inhabitants are described in ways that will let you easily see them in your mind, especially if you get Star Wars, Star Trek, and an occasional Dr. Who reference. Which I have to admit, I absolutely loved the references. They almost always made me laugh.

“We crashed on Tatooine,” I groan.

“It’s Vulcan,” Amara says.

“Is not,” I grouse. “Sand, fucking sand everywhere. That’s Tatooine.”

“It’s red and there’s mountains, that’s Vulcan,” Amara replies.

“Fine,” I fold to the Star Trek lover. “Get Scotty to beam me up so Bones can do something about this pain in my head.”

My Favorite Moment: I love the way Ladon is with Calista. At every turn he cherishes her and treats her like a treasure he never wants to let go of.

“I’m not broken,” I say.

“No, not broken, perfect. You are perfect.”

Jenn 4 Heart

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“My head is sounding like a solid bass drum being played by the Metallica drummer. Double beat, single beat, double beat, single beat. The intro to One pounds through my skull.”


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