Review of Challenged (A Changing Krysset Novel Book 1) by Kate Carley


Accepting the challenge is the first step!

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense

Book Length (Est.): 331 pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

One devastating lie set the course for Sophie Lancaster’s life. Can one earth-shattering phone call change it?

Jackson Cooper certainly hopes it won’t—at least not permanently. For the past twenty-one years, Sophie has avoided coming home and now has the nerve to show her face, purely for the reading of her grandfather’s will—that thought alone is enough to have Jackson grinding his teeth in molar-cracking frustration.

But Grandpa Ray’s final request, a life-changing challenge to save the family’s resort, pairs Jackson with this woman who makes his blood boil—in more ways than one.

With Jackson’s vow to honor his dear friend and Sophie’s promise to prove her worthiness to a grandfather she barely remembers, they set off on a yearlong adventure. Can they learn to work and live together, forging a new bond built on respect and a common goal?

Can they rely on each other without giving into their growing desires? Just as the sizzle of attraction between them heats up, the challenge becomes a dangerous and deadly game when outside forces threaten their resort, their budding relationship, and their very lives.

With their future hanging in the balance, will they survive the challenge?

Mindy’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Sophie Lancaster works a job that is sucking the life right out of her. Out of the blue she receives a phone call that will change her entire life path and bring some unanswered questions about her family. Sophie is in a rut when it comes to her job and dreams. She receives news that her grandfather has died and she needs to be present for the will reading. The crazy thing is she thought her grandparents passed away many years ago.

Jackson Cooper has spent his entire life at the resort that he calls home. Now that the owner has passed away he is not sure what the future is going to hold. Especially since Ray’s long lost granddaughter has been found. And Jackson can’t help but hold a grudge against his childhood friend that left her family in the dust.

Sophie and Jackson are given a challenge to keep the resort in the family. They must work together for a year and bring in a wealthy profit to keep the resort as their own. They will accept the challenge but have to get past all of the obstacles that everyone seems to put in their way. The only thing they are trying to avoid is the growing desires they have for each other.

This was a refreshing read for me. I love the chemistry Jackson and Sophie have for each other. They have loved each other since they were just children and you can’t run from that. Not when the future has already started.

Mindy 4 Star 

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