Review of 90 Days (Morgan Family Series #3) by J. L. Leslie


I have an addiction!

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Length (Est.): 136 pages

Book Description/Synopsis: 

I have a habit. Big deal. I manage it and I live my life. I have my friends. I have women. To them, I’m the life of the party. Until her.

I can see you, Rhys Morgan.

Why’d she have to say that to me? Why’d she have to make me believe I could deserve happiness? The majority of the time we’re around each other we don’t even like each other. We only get along when we’re doing one thing and that’s taking each other’s clothes off.

But now she’s getting in my head. She’s making me question why I do the things I do. Making me want more than I should. Making me believe I can actually have it.

Can I?…

If you’ve read 30 Days or 60 Days then you’ve met Rhys Morgan and Anniston Stone. This is their story. 90 Days (Morgan Family Series: Book Three) is a stand-alone, full length novel. It can be read without reading the other books in the series.

**This book contains graphic adult content, mature language, sexual scenes, drug abuse, and talk of rape. It is suggested for mature readers only.**

Mindy’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Rhys Morgan has an addiction. Rhys learned at a young age that his mother was having an affair with his uncle. One thing lead to another and Rhys became addicted to drugs. Not many people in his family know the truth considering he did awesome in school and now has a chance at a great job.

Anniston Stone grew up with a drug addicted mother that did nothing for her. She was raised by her sister and has turned out very well. Anniston has an addiction as well but her go to is sex. Not being able to hold a relationship she has a few go to guys when in the need.

Rhys and Anniston have had a crush on each other for a while. As they get closer secrets start to come out and people get hurt. Rhys spends 90 days in a rehab to clean himself up and he is determined to make Anniston all his. With her past and the blame she is outing on him he really has to work for it.

This is the third book in the Morgan Family Series. I cannot explain to you how much I love this series. I have enjoyed each book so much that I do not think that J. L. can write them fast enough for me. This is filled with so much passion and the storyline just tugged at my heart. Of course I fell in love with these characters just like I have the entire family.

Mindy 5 Heart 

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