Review of Becoming a Legend (Kavanagh Legends #3) by Sarah Robinson




Genre: Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance (MMA)

Book Length (Est.): 274 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:  

From the author of Saving a Legend (“A deep and moving story about family, acceptance, and love.”—Katy Evans) comes another smoldering MMA romance featuring the Kavanagh brothers, the chiseled alpha males whose real legacy is love.

Kane Kavanagh has always had one goal: being the best mixed martial arts fighter alive. With the MMA National Championships in Las Vegas fast approaching, the man they call “Killer” has no intention of letting anyone or anything get in his way. Somehow, though, a feisty opponent has slipped beneath his guard—and stolen his heart. Fiery and passionate, Nora Hannigan is harder to pin down than any rival Kane has faced in the ring. And she isn’t afraid to tell Kane that she wants nothing to do with him.

With her best friend about to marry into the Kavanagh family, Nora has been resisting Kane’s shameless attempts at flirting for months. But after their undeniable chemistry finally takes over, leading to the hottest night of Nora’s life, she’s running scared. There’s a lot about her life Kane doesn’t know, and she won’t be responsible for ending his career. Now Kane’s out to prove that he’s ready for a commitment by winning her heart—and he’s never lost a fight.


YAY – Double Review!


Mindy’s Review: 

*I received an ARC of this book free from Random House Publishing Group – Loveswept via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

Kane “Killer” Kavanagh has one goal in life. He wants to be the best MMA fighter alive. He is training for the MMA National Championships in Las Vegas that are fast approaching. He will not let anything or anyone come in between him and his dreams. And he has yet to lose a fight.

Nora Hannigan has been dodging Kane’s crazy flirting attempts for awhile now. Nora’s best friend is about to marry into the Kavanagh family so she really has no choice but to see Kane regularly. Nora has lots of issues on her own that she is dealing with and becoming friends with Kane could complicate things.

Kane has had the hots for Nora for a long time. He flirts with her but he is too busy for a relationship or anything steady right now. The one night things seem to get a little fuzzy between Nora and Kane is one of the best night’s of their life. They were not prepared for the attraction and feeling they would experience. When Nora gets into some of her mothers trouble the Kavanagh’s will have her back in anything she needs but Kane will be tested on his true feelings for her.

This is the third book in the Kavanagh Legends series and a good read. Friendships and feelings are put to the test. The chemistry is pretty intense and Nora and Kane happen to be really good for each other.

Mindy 4 Star


Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received an ARC of this book free from Random House Publishing Group – Loveswept via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

Nora tries to do it all. She goes to school, works with a youth program, has a job that she wish no one would ever know about, but one that pays her mother’s debts, and the last thing she needs is a man to add drama and take up time that she doesn’t really have. But Kane isn’t the obnoxious over the top lady killer she thinks he is. He actually wants to make her life easier, not complicate it.

Kane is focused on being the champion; it’s what he’s been training for and it’s all he wants. That is until he starts spending time with the girl he’s had his eye on forever…Nora. His priorities will get mixed up and when they get refocused some things get bumped out. But Kane has the wonderful Kavanagh clan at his back and they won’t let anything bad happen to him.

Nora and Kane are great! He’s super flirty and she has a mouth that’ll keep him on his toes. Their relationship is never boring that’s for sure.

The Kavanagh’s are an incredible family and every book I read with them in it only proves that point. They’re supportive and caring and nothing gets in their way when it comes to love and family. Becoming A Legend is another captivating and entertaining book in the Kavanagh Legends series. Can’t wait to read more!

There is, however, one phrase that was used so often that it was borderline driving me crazy…”the sound of the familiar voice”. Why can’t the person’s name be used? I mean after a while I was rolling my eyes every time it said that or something similar.

My Favorite Moment is when Kane calls dibs on Nora and what led to him finally making that call. That girl is a warrior!

Jenn 4 Heart

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