Review of Dragon’s Love (Red Planet Dragons of Tajss #3) by Miranda Martin & Juno Wells

“I’m torn apart and created anew…”


Genre: Sci-fi

Book Length (Est.): 170 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis: 

 I guess I’m one of the last survivors of the human race and I’m stranded on this hell of a desert alien planet. Sucks to be me.

Our ship crashed months ago and those of us left are struggling to survive the boiling heat in barbaric living conditions. The only reason we’re not all dead is one of my friends got knocked up by a native alien and he lets us live in his ruined city. We should be grateful but a lot of the humans hate the dragons and the girls who mate with them. Fools.

The natives are huge, seven foot tall dragon-men with wings and tails and scales. Surly and overly protective, who needs that? Not me. Alien baby fever is the new in thing, but I’m not falling for the hype. I’ve always survived being alone and I don’t need anyone to change that. Try telling that to Shidan, the most annoyingly persistent alien male around.

Thanks to the primitive nature of the destroyed planet we have no idea what’s happening when things go wrong with my friend’s pregnancy. I’m sure I can salvage something from our crashed ship that will help, but to get there I’ll have to leave the city’s protection and go out in the sweltering heat where everything wants to kill me. The only way I’ll survive is if Shidan comes too and he’s made it clear he wants only one thing. Love.

Dragon’s Love is a full length scifi novel with a happily ever after ending, plenty of steam, bloody battles and alien-human intrigue. It is standalone and co-written by Miranda Martin and one of the hottest science fiction romance authors out there, Juno Wells.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Amara didn’t want to be like her two friends. She didn’t want to fall for an alien dragon man or even think about having his baby, but when she has one following her around it becomes hard to resist his determination and charm.

She’s vastly independent, and due to her past experience with men and rank she has a difficult time asking for and accepting help. It isn’t easy for her to let anyone it, especially an alien dragon man who is driving her crazy by always being around to help.

Shidan may be young compared to the others like him, but he knows how he feels and he’s wanted Amara since the first day he’d seen her. He tries to learn more about her, ways to impress her, and ultimately he’s usually putting his foot in his mouth. For him maybe he tries a little too hard, but who can fault him for that.

Dragon’s Love continues the stories of the Red Planet Dragons of Tajss. Each story is individual to its characters, however, the underlying story of the crash and the planetary issues are continued from the previous books, for this reason I’d suggest reading them in order.

Side note for all you dirty girls who like a little sizzle in their books…these dragon men are not only sexy and sweetly possessive, but they also have two. Yes lades, two! Talk about not having to wait for a repeat performance. There’s definitely no down time for these couples!

My Favorite Moments all include Amara’s mouth. That girl is a complete smartass and I love it.

“Sure, you were just, you know, asking. Right. What if I am? What if I’m banging the holy hell out of that big alien dragon man? Taking his sweet alien cock and riding it all damn night long. What of it?”

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