Review of Reaper’s Rival (Satan’s Sons MC #2) by Simone Elise

“I told you a long time ago I loved you unconditionally.”


Genre: Contemporary Romance, MC Romance, Suspense

Book Length (Est.): 532 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis: 

The steamy and dramatic sequel to the Best Selling Reaper’s Claim by Simone Elise.

After the events of the first book Abby has joined her half sister’s gang Hellbound. Can Reaper claim her back?

This life gives you regrets on a silver platter. This life makes you colder, and there is a coldness in you now Abby, and I don’t like seeing it. It is what I was trying to protect you from. You always had an innocent heart, but something got inside and messed around with it, and I don’t like it. You can come back from this. Let me take all the bad from you, so you can go back to being you. Ain’t ever gonna stop trying to make you mine.

You have to lose yourself to really find yourself. You have to crawl through the dark times to understand and crave the light. And sometimes you need to lose the man you love to realize that what you had in the first place was in fact love. We had a history between us. But more importantly, we had love between us and time doesn’t affect love, or at least I hope it won’t affect our love. Right now I don’t belong anywhere, but I know that no matter what happens or where I am, my heart will always belong to him.

Being together might be dangerous, but outlaws are meant to break the rules.

Jennifer’s Review: 

*I received an ARC of this book free from Inkitt in exchange for an honest review*

First I have to say that I was given an ARC of Reaper’s Claim (Satan’s Sons MC #1) and apparently it was split into two separate books because most of what is in Reaper’s Rival was in the original copy I read/reviewed, therefore, my review fits for this book too. However, there is one part that was added and for me it not only messed up the flow of the story, but it also added a few continuity issues. I personally liked the original version better.

***   ***   ***   ***

Abby was the President of Satan Son’s MC’s daughter. Her and her twin sister were raised in the club and although she may hate it at times it’s who she is.

Reaper isn’t the type of man you want to cross paths with and he was perfectly fine with who he was…until he realized how much Abby kept crossing his mind.

“I would never let you down. I would never have hurt you. I would have given up everything for you. I would have fought everything and everyone for you. You were my world, Abby, and you just ripped it away from me.”

Reaper’s Rival isn’t just one plot, its several wrapped up in motorcycles, club politics, tightly wound emotions, and some badass people. This isn’t a sweet romance, this is a look into the keep dark corners of club life and how it affects all the people in it. Abby and Reaper may have a connection that keeps pulling them back to one another, but when they’re apart all hell breaks loose.

There is so much that happens in this book that I feel like giving any details will give away the storyline. I can say this… Satan’s Sons MC is a very long story, it starts when Abby is 16 and takes place over many years. I’m not sure where Reaper’s Claim left off since I originally read the version where book one and two were all one book, however I cans say that the pages are still filled with perfect balances of love and hate; passion and death; pain and family; misunderstandings and trust. It was easy to get pulled into, but let me warn you there is one hell of a cliffhanger ending. 

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