Review of Chased (A Changing Krysset Novel #3) by Kate Carley

If you were bolder, we’d all be in a lot more trouble.

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Book Length (Est.): 409 pages

Book Description/Synopsis: 

Sixteen years ago their lives were ripped apart…

Whisked away from her beloved home as a child and raised by her elderly relatives on the Pacific Coast, Kendall Aasgaard has learned to roll with the punches. She’s strong, resilient, and independent. But when Kendall finds herself in more trouble than she can handle, her survival instincts tell her to run. She turns to the person she trusts the most—Ben Montgomery.

Ben has it all—a thriving construction business, all the toys a bachelor could want, and a steady stream of brunettes to warm his bed. Love, however, is something Ben has permanently relegated to his past.

When playful, unreserved Kendall lands on his doorstep—or more accurately, in his bed—Ben realizes that his heart has no intention of following some arbitrary rule he’d instituted sixteen years ago. And if Kendall gets her way, she’d abolish that rule altogether to claim Ben’s heart for herself.

But as the threat to Kendall intensifies, Ben is faced with an adversary of his own who is determined to destroy Montgomery Construction.

Together, they’ll fight for a future that is more than the tragedy that binds them.

Mindy’s Review: 

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Kendall Aasgaard knows exactly what true lose feels like. When her family was murdered she was just a child. She was sent to live with relatives to live the life that she deserved and away from all the memories. Now that she is forced to go back to the small town she goes to the one person that she trusts the most.

Ben Montgomery has had a rough past. His childhood love was murdered in cold blood along with her family. Now he has a thriving construction business but the past is always in his mind. Not knowing how to move forward he leans towards alcohol when it gets bad. The one thing that might push him to the breaking point is coming home and finding Kendall in his bed.

Kendall is running from an abusive relationship. She knows she can get the help she needs in this small town but first she must let Ben and her cousin Cam know exactly what is going on. Cam can be really, really protective of Kendall. That includes letting Ben know exactly how he feels about Kendall being in his house. But when Kendall teaches Ben how to move on from the past a new kind of love develops between them. That is until the past comes back to haunt them both.

This was a very good read. I love all the twists and turns. Just when you think all is well more surprises are around the corner. I love the relationship that Kendall and her cousin have. He tries to be so protective but he is a teddy bear when it comes to her. I love how Ben and Kendall connect with each other. When a tragedy strikes at a young age you never know what the future holds. 

My Favorite Moment: I absolutely fell in love with her belated birthday party.


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