Review of Raiden’s Choice (A Ravens MC Novel) by J.L. Leslie

Back to the real world. Or my pretend world.

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Length (Est.): 274 Pages

Book Description/Synopsis:

I was raised in a motorcycle club. I saw things no little girl should ever see. Did things no little girl should ever do. That was my life and I loved it. The Ravens taught me about family. Loyalty. Even loss. Now I live a different life. I’m no longer part of that family. I’m no longer part of the club. I live a life where I pretend to be the person I am. I put on a show for the world and I’m good at it. I’ve perfected it. At least I thought I had. It didn’t take him long to see right through me. I have a choice to make. Keep playing pretend or finally be who I have always wanted to be. “When you’re ready to stop hiding who you really are, come find me.”

**Raiden’s Choice is the first book in the Ravens MC series. It is a standalone, full-length novel and is suitable only for mature readers. It includes adult content, adult language, sexual situations, drug abuse, violence, and talk of rape.**

Mindy’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Raiden was raised in the MC world. Her mother died when she was young and her father raised her around the club. She has seen and done things that she might not be proud of but it is all to protect her family. Now she lives a separate life as a nurse dating the ADA. She is dating the one man that wants her father locked up. Raiden lives as if she is two separate people. Can she have the life that she wants and protect her family as well?

Luka has never wanted to be part of any motorcycle club. His brother is in jail and Luka will do whatever it takes to get him out. Joining the Ravens MC is what he is set up to do by the wonderful District Attorney. It’s simple really, Luka gets info on the MC and his brother gets out of jail. Oh, if only it was that easy.

Raiden sees Luka for exactly what he is. She knows that he is trouble but he sees right through her. He knows that she is living a lie. She loves the smell of leather and being on a bike is where she is meant to be. He is so drawn to her that he might just forget what he is trying to accomplish. That is until Raiden and her father realize what is happening as their secrets get revealed.

This was a great read. This is the first MC book that I have read from J. L Leslie and I am in love. I was sad when the book ended just because I want to know more. This is written so good that it just pulls you in. You feel you are part of their world and just keep turning the pages. I cannot wait for more!

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