Just Checking In…

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday!

If you’re wondering where all the reviews are…

Mindy has a new grandbaby and for any grandparents out there you know exactly why she’s been reading less and making gaga sounds more. Can’t say that I blame her I would be too, although I’m hoping that day doesn’t happen for quite a few more years. I’m soooo not ready!

Me? Well I’m taking on a new adventure and moving from Texas to Missouri. Getting back to my roots! So not only do I have four kids doing all the year end school stuff, but my entire house is in boxes. It’s amazing how many things you pack because you haven’t used them in a year only to need them two days later…argh!

Anyway, don’t worry, we are still accepting books to review, but it may take us a little longer to get to them. On the flip side, if you’ve been thinking about reading more and want to review books take the leap and email us. We could always use another reviewer.

Oh and here’s one of my favorite songs. Enjoy!



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