Review of Splintered Courage by J.E. Sawyer

“Does he realize that is my first kiss?” 


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: 118 Pages

POV: Alternating First Person


Gemma Tate’s life changed forever the day she confronted an unlikely stranger. After relocating across the country, three new housemates prove to be essential friends she never knew she needed. She explores her attraction to Weston, a fourth housemate who lives across the hall. As their connection strengthens and grows they stumble down the path of first love. In a steamy new world of firsts, Gemma wonders if she will come out unscathed. When ghosts from their past make an unforeseen visit, their lives take a turn neither of them expected.


He found me, then he asked the impossible of me. I never expected my choices to lead me to Weston. Can I trust them to find me when I didn’t realize I was lost? I know my life will never be the same.


I finally found her. She has been kept a secret for 18 years. It’s time for her to come home. I asked her to follow, if she refuses she’s coming anyway.


I never knew beauty like her’s existed. Like gravity, will we stay in balance when our lives are tossed upside down? Does she really even see me, because I see her.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

Garret finally found his daughter and wants to keep her close. Having her in Texas with him and his ‘family’ is more than he could wish for.

“Well Weston, I guess that answers my question. I believe you found Gemma. Gemma…as in my daughter Gemma…my sweet little girl Gemma.”

Gemma lived a life sheltered by her grandmother. Her mom passed away and her dad was never around…until he just shows up one day out of the blue. Once her grandmother passed away she was looking forward to being on her own, but how can she pass up the opportunity to get to know her father, especially when he’s so eager to have her in his life.

“The girl in me feels like a fucking Queen.”

His ‘family’ though is four other men who all live in the same house and all work together. You only get little glimpses of their personalities so it’s hard to fully know them. Except Weston, that is. He feels pulled toward Gemma the moment she entered the house for the first time.

She feels it too. But she’s never been around men and everything is new to her. She has to learn how to trust. So does he.

“The green in his shirt makes his eyes dance like balls of kryptonite. That is probably what they will be too, my kryptonite.”

But when a past comes to haunt them true feelings will no longer be denied.

Splintered Courage is a slow-paced story that only gets truly interesting toward the end. Once it does though, it goes too quickly and I didn’t want it to end. I’m interested to see where the series goes.

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