Review of Dahlia (Dark Desire #1) by Viola Calvary

“… will you still want me tomorrow?” 


Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Suspense

Length: 262 Pages

POV: Third Person


Nothing’s black and white. Not love, not desire. Not heroes or monsters. They all have a dark side.

Dahlia makes people nervous. Gifted with dangerous psychic abilities, she’s no pushover. The only person who makes them even more nervous? Captain Kenneth Ravin. Savage, deadly, and concealing his own secrets, Ravin is exactly the last man she should be interested in. So why can’t Dahlia seem to shake her insane attraction to him?

Everything begins to unravel when an enemy in the shadows targets Dahlia in a plot that pulls everyone around her into a battle for their lives. With no choice but to accept Ravin’s offer of an ally, Dahlia finds he’s pushing her closer to the darkness that lies buried within her, her own deadly secret. Caught in the chaos, can she stay in control or will dipping her toe into those dark desires send her tumbling over the edge into madness? Does she even have a choice?

No cliffhangers. Strong heroine. Shifters. Suspense. Fantasy. Adventure. Alpha males. Adult content.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

Dahlia is unique even amongst the other distinctly talented commanders. She’s known as the puppet master to those above her, although no one believes there’s any relation to the to the true Puppet Master.

She has intense psychic abilities which causes discomfort to those around her, all except her squad of oddball individuals. And Kenny. He has abilities only he knows about…and Dahlia. They have a unique animalistic bond that seems to remove all barriers and secrets they usually keep from others.

“No, he recognized she was strong enough to protect herself. It was a mark of possession, he had begun to think of her as his and wouldn’t accept anyone interfering. Dahlia couldn’t hide from the part of her that was fascinated by the idea.”

Dahlia takes you on a journey of self discovery through battle worn and traitorous times. This is one of those books that’s difficult to find a stopping point. Whether its fight scenes or crazy hot sex, there’s always action, and any simple distraction can be completely annoying and cause you to lose the energy of what you were reading.

It does end on a minor cliffhanger, but mostly because it seems like Dahlia’s story is just getting started and I cannot wait to read the next book in the Dark Desire series. And can I just say…I love Kenny!

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