Have you noticed our changes?

We have slowly been making changes on our blog in order to be able to offer more to our followers.

First, we changed the appearance a little. Hope you like it. But if not, don’t worry we are still looking at other options that may be a better fit. We are women after all…we like to change our minds. LOL

Second, we got rid of the WordPress ads. YAY!

Third, we started adding promos on Mondays. These are not just any books we are promoting. These are all books sent to us to review that we are interested in reading, but just do not have the time to get to. We do not want others to miss out on what could possibly great books.

And Fourth, we also added in posts for cover reveals, sale blitzes, and new releases. Again, we only post the ones we would be interested in reading. We’re not going to share it with you if we don’t think we’d enjoy it ourselves.

We hope you enjoy the changes. If you have any questions or would like to see something else on our blog please let us know. We love the feedback.



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