Happy Mother’s Day!

Mindy and I are both moms. We know what sleepless nights feel like. We know all about tantrums (no matter if they’re 2 or 18). We know what it’s like to hear pure child laughter.

One of us is married with a large household of help. The other is a single mom. We know there are all types of moms out there and we applaud you all. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

I know my kids started this thing tonight where they created a ‘restaurant’, even gave it a name. One took my dinner order. One made it. And they even told me they planned on doing it all weekend. Tomorrow’s dinner is already on the menu! They may forget, they may not, but they’re all 10 and under so it doesn’t matter. They made my night and that’s all that’s important.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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