Review of Something Honorable (Dirty Southern Secrets #2) by J. L. Leslie

“Sometimes I don’t have to chase her. She comes to me.”

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: 171 pages


She’s the perfect incarnate of an angel. Pure. Innocent. The only reason I come to church on Sunday mornings. The only woman I treat differently than the others. The only woman I unintentionally make promises to.

Promises I do intend to keep.

I’m practically sin walking. Immoral. Dishonorable. The very reason she should be in church on Sunday mornings. The only man she has ever allowed to touch her. The only man who makes her turn her back on everything she believes in. The only man who has the capability to destroy her.

And does.

Promises aren’t always kept. Life can unravel at the seams. The decisions we make when our world is falling apart can either be cowardly or something honorable.

**Something Honorable is Tauren and Helene’s story and is book two in the Dirty Southern Secrets Series. It is a standalone full-length novel. It contains adult content, adult language, and sexual content. It is intended for mature readers only.**

Mindy’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

Helene Jacobs is a good girl and a preachers daughter from a very small town. Helene follows all of her fathers rules except when it comes to Tauren Holt. Helene’s father has a hatred towards Tauren that cannot be cured.

Tauren Holt is a walking sin. He races cars and loves the ladies. He tries not to make promises to anyone that he cannot keep, including Helene.

When Tauren and Helene get caught seeing each other all hell breaks loose. Helene has to promise not to see him anymore and Tauren has to promise to stay away.

Well, we all know how I feel about this author. I have read pretty much everything that she has written. This time I had to wait a day after reading to write this review. While I was reading this book I was angry, my heart was crushed then I was happy. Overall, I was a MESS! I cried (big crocodile tears) and had to pull myself back together. All of that being said I was unable to take my eyes off the pages. This book is amazing. You really get so wrapped in the story and town that you feel like you are there.

I loved this story and would recommend everyone read it. With that being said it is not for the faint of heart and have a box of issues! I cannot wait to read more. Love the Holt brothers.

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