Review of Drawn to Darkness (Dark Desire #3) by Viola Calvary

“Never he’d told her…” 


Genre: Paranormal Romance, Suspense

Length: 225 Pages

POV: Third Person


Dahlia’s world hangs on the precipice of chaos as gods, demons, and monsters emerge from ancient legends. As enemy forces gather and a twisted new power emerges to consume the kingdom, Dahlia and Kenny might be the only hope of staving off disaster. But can Dahlia keep control as the power she wields threatens to drag her further into darkness? Or will she sacrifice everything to save the people she loves only to become the monster they fear?

The screams receded behind them as they darted through the dark forest, Dahlia running in Kenny’s footsteps to avoid hitting anything she couldn’t see. As they came closer to the spot they were to meet with the other soldiers she felt him stop and turn, movement impossibly graceful and at odds with his massive form. She stopped as well, facing him now in the dark, hyper aware of the scent of the forest around them, the taste of the cold wind laced with the scent of blood, and the rush that danced through their veins. It played between them, intensifying in that split second before he grabbed her, pulling her up against him.
The wild energy sung in her mind and she threw her legs over his hips to pull herself tighter against him. Her mouth found his as the captivating embrace of madness took them…

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

Drawn to Darkness begins right where The Sage and The Savage left off. Dahlia and Kenny are trying to save their people, but being outcasts makes it a little difficult at times. They’ll be pushed beyond anything they’ve expected and darkness will reign.

Their love is the only thing that keeps any part of their sanity in tact. To others they are monsters and although they try not to be, in this book they’ll get to glimpse their unadulterated monstrous sides. Gods or not, no one will stand in their way.

“The same conviction that had washed over her in the woods when she’d told him not to leave her echoed through their minds again. Never he’d told her then. The word wasn’t even necessary now.”

From ravenous sex-capades to war and destruction this book was filled with so much action I had a very difficult time putting it down. As a matter of fact it was non-stop right until the cliffhanger ending. I may have screamed, “Is that seriously where it ends?!?!” Definitely looking forward to Dark Desire #4.

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