Review of No Saint (Blood Legion MC #3) by Rie Warren

“Is that a lure in your pecker?” 


Genre: Contemporary Romance, MC Romance, Suspense

Length: 369 Pages

POV: Alternating First Person


To him, she’s absolutely irresistible. To her, he’s nothing but bad news. When their fates collide, the only thing they have in common is destined to tear them apart.

With a rap sheet about as long as the inked sleeves on my arms, I’ve been a misfit with a questionable track record. But I’ve fought for and found a home with the Blood Legion MC. Through thick and thin, brawls and bloodletting, I’ve created a rep: I’m the man.

I’m the man, and Honoré’s the only woman I want. This obsession with her is irrational and stupid considering she’s prickly, pissed off with me before I can even make a move, and definitely not my type. Except the beautiful New Orleans street busker takes my breath away—all untapped passion simmering just beneath the surface.

Something much darker simmers just beneath the surface of her life too.

Being someone’s old lady is the last thing on my mind. Been there, done that, along with the obligatory bourbon shots, random ink, and riding bitch on some guy’s bike. I can’t slip away from my life, or spare time for a surly biker who has crawled under my skin and rattled my last nerve in a sexy, delicious way.

Saint. As if. I’ve known my fair share of outlaw MC dudes, and not a single one of them was anything close to righteous. I want to hate him and everything he stands for, but he’s ridiculously hot. He’s annoyingly persistent. And he’s surprisingly kind.

There’s no way I can sacrifice all I’ve fought for to be with him. When Saint brings danger to my door, it’s only a matter of time before my secrets spill over to rip us apart.

Blood Legion MC:
Cry Mercy
Save Grace
No Saint
Get Revenge

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

I have to start by saying that this book has very graphic fight scenes (which I enjoyed) and one hell of a rape scene. Some people can’t handle books like that, but in true MC fashion this one doesn’t go down without a fight.

Now onto my thoughts…

Saint wants what his fellow MC friends have found. That special someone. And the moment he laid eyes on Honoré he knew she was all he wanted. It didn’t matter that she shut down his advances each and every time he tried. He was determined to win her over. It doesn’t matter her secrets, he’ll do what his heart tells him to.

Honoré is a single mom with a demented baby daddy ex who enjoys making her life hell. She wants nothing to do with men like him and although she knows Saint is different, she just doesn’t know if she can trust her own judgement.

I love the relationship between Saint and Caleb. It’s pure and at times quite humorous. It’s a relationship every single mother wishes for. There’s also Momma Joan. I’m not sure I have words to describe her. She can make a biker blush that’s for sure.

Honoré, child, all I’m saying is I’m a lot older than you, and I still get my pipes cleaned from time to time. You’re too young to be getting cobwebs all up in your hoo-ha.”

No Saint is another amazing part of the Blood Legion MC. These guys may turn into romantic saps when they find that special someone, but don’t let that fool you when it comes to how far they’re willing to go for that person or to help a fellow brother. They would and have destroyed everything in their paths to save the ones they love. This book is no different. And it’s one of my favorites in this series.

“You’re not thinking about getting me back in the sack, are you? Because I do love you, but I think you broke my pussy last night.” – Have to say this is one of my favorite quotes now!

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