Review of Orb and Arrow (Book 1: Exploration) by V.L. Stuart

Orb and Arrow 


Genre: Fantasy Adventure

Length: 244 Pages

POV: Third Person


“A dimlock cannot be removed,” Rodenis had taught them, “except by the holder of its key.”

A dimlock collar, made in mocking imitation of a great chain of office, is used to keep a mage from casting a spell or reaching out for mana. Its medallions are raised disks each separated by short links and each with the sign of a black spell. With its dark power it makes the wearer separate from mana and the world around him. A dimlock is used to bind, to punish, to transport a mage whose deeds are so unspeakable that only execution is waiting.

But supposed if a dimlock could be removed? What if the lock could be picked, the medallions pried from flesh? Could the wearer live through the ordeal? Should he even be allowed to live?

Brillar finds such a bound mage but sees Light where there should be only Darkness. Her removal of the dimlock throws her world out of balance. Accepting an apprenticeship from a Mage of the Four Powers restores the balance but puts both their lives in danger.

Follow them to Lands-end, the Wilds and beyond with Orb and Arrow.

Brandi’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

Brillar is a very headstrong character with a calling to the wild. She is young but her gifts seem to come naturally. One can be taught only so much, other things in life must be learned. She heads out to the open road to test her abilities and encounters many rough characters and wild adventures.

Garnelden is met on the road by Brillar, he was in a precarious circumstance. She freed him and he became an integral part of her adventures. “Elden” as he is referred to in the book, has a long history and is highly skilled in many forms of magic. He has much to teach, and Brillar makes the perfect apprentice.

The book “Orb and Arrow” is very thrilling, taking you quickly from page to page. There are three parts in this book, each with its separate tale to tell, each just as enthralling than the next. You will travel with Brillar and Elden through the wild and back again. Some scenes are well written, well explained and captivating while others leave you wanting more. There are many battles, all are very exiting! I wish they lasted a little longer and had more suspense leading up to them. That being said, I did not ever find it hard to turn the page! If there was a second book, I would read it to see where the story will turn next!

I give Orb and Arrow 3 stars.

One star removed for grammatical errors and one removed for non-realistic battle scenes.

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