PROMO: The Human Lie Detector and the Hunkiest Hunk (The Campbell and the One: Origins #1) by Anna Krolick

Contemporary Romance – 124 Pages

About the Book:

The saga begins. First, let’s meet the parents.

It’s March 1970 and Beverley McLean – of the McLean’s Furniture McLeans – is not impressed. Beverley went to university for two purposes: to be challenged academically and to find a husband. University is more than living up to her expectations concerning the former, but the latter purpose? Well, two years in and she’s already coming up with a back-up plan. All the real men seem to be taken, with only boys – young and old – left to pick from.

Henry Campbell certainly looks like a boy not a man: a different girl on his arm every time Bev sees him. He’s also handsome, athletic, smart, and (all the girls know) well-off. Boy or man, Henry Campbell is campus royalty.

Is it any wonder that Bev has a crush on him – even if he might not be the type of guy she’s looking for?

And now she’s about to meet him.

Let’s see what happens.

The Human Lie Detector and the Hunkiest Hunk is a standalone, quick and dirty (and fun and amusing) romance novella (35k words) about what happens after Bev and Henry meet. It’s also the lead-in to an upcoming modern-day romance series of full-length novels: The Campbell and the One. Each story told in the Origins series centres on the parents of a main character in The Campbell and the One novels. These are the stories of how the parents got together … hence, origins. (You can smile at that if you want.) Henry and Beverley Campbell are responsible for the Campbell half of each modern-day couple.

Anna Krolick likes to write romances about book-smart women and the men who fall for them. This is the first published title by Anna Krolick.


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