Review of The First to Fall (Fallen #1) by Tanisha D. Jones

“Be good or be good at it.” 


Genre: Paranormal Romance, Suspense

Length: 309 Pages

POV: Third Person


Romance set in New Orleans. The First to Fall is the first novel in the Fallen series.
When the body of rock star Nicky Sky turns up missing, detective Elijah Cain is on the case, until the case is ripped out from under him by some powerful higher ups. But Elijah knows Nicky’s body wasn’t stolen – Eli’s telepathic vision showed him that the dead man exited his coffin and walked out all on his own. And so Eli enters the world of New Orleans paranormals with the help of Nicky’s childhood friend Dr. C. Keegan Kent, an intriguing woman with secrets of her own. She draws Eli like no other woman, but their connection runs deeper than Eli imagines and one that could put them both in jeopardy.

With the Collective on the hunt for Nicky and his maker, an unknown entity who turned Nicky against his will, Eli and the Doc team up to protect Nicky and find the malevolent creature who sired him. But this chase puts them on a collision course with their destiny, or their destruction.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

The First to Fall is about the first angel to fall from Heaven when it split from the Earth. It puts a new spin on creatures of the dark, each with the abilities to match their amplified personalities.

Visions, extra senses, a little mind reading, Elijah only thinks he knows what he’s capable of, that is until he’s thrown into a world he didn’t know exists. And Celeste is entirely too smart for her own good. She needs to follow her intuition a little more. But together…they are electricity incarnate. They have a chemistry that sizzles right off the pages.

The storyline is unique and interesting, because of that I wanted to love this book. The editing kept me from doing so. I forced my way through to the end because it was such a good story, but it was frustrating at times. The dialogue wasn’t written as dialogue. Things like: “Hi, I’m Det. Quinn and my mute friend is Det. Elijah Cain.” or “C. Keegan Kent…” It’s speech, you can’t abbreviate Detective as Det. or introduce someone by saying their first initial because then that’s how it gets read and when you read it like that it doesn’t sound right in your head. At least not mine. Every time I read Det. I stopped and had to re-read the sentence with Detective instead. So frustrating! If it wasn’t for that this book would five stars all the way around.

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