PROMO: Broken Promise (Beyond Series #1) by Andrea Smith

Paranormal (Ghost), Time Travel Romance – 234 Pages

About the Book:

What does a mob capo want with a girl from the sticks?


But this story needs to be told from the only person who’s alive to do it. For twenty-seven years, I’ve flitted through life oblivious to my gift. And then one, freezing snowy night, fate stepped in to help me find it. Of all places, in a remote cemetery outside of Chester, West Virginia!

My name is Parrish.

I’m a model.
I’m a lover.
And apparently, I can communicate with the dead.

But this isn’t my story, it’s theirs. Karlie and Dominic’s. And trust me when I say their love has survived from beyond. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t lived it myself.

Come take this journey with me. You won’t be disappointed . . .

Adult Content. Sexual situations.

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I wasn’t sure how long I had sat inside of my vehicle, dusted with the white powder from the deployed air bag, in a hazy fog.

I knew I was quite a distance from the highway that I’d slid off. The evening darkness blanketed the cemetery, and sheets of icy sleet continued to blow around my incapacitated SUV. There was smoke seeping out from underneath the hood.

I slowly took inventory of my body parts. Everything seemed to be attached. Some wetness trickled down the side of my face. I ran my fingers against my cheek, capturing the droplets of blood from a cut somewhere on my head. I realized it must’ve been my own ring that had cut it when my head slammed against my fingers that had been gripping the steering wheel like a vise. The top of my skull was pounding with the pain that came with having had it slammed against the roof of the SUV.

I unfastened my seat belt, moving mechanically; still very much dazed by the situation, unable to think clearly as to what needed to be done in order for me to get the hell out of this place and see about getting help.

That’s when I saw her. A young woman standing there all alone in the cemetery.

What the hell was she doing out in this brutal winter storm, wandering around in a freakin’ graveyard? It was beyond my comprehension, but still I was relieved that at least I wasn’t alone out here.

She was standing off to the right, about ten yards from where my vehicle had slammed to a stop against a stone mausoleum. There was a light-post behind her that was next to the empty parking lot. It allowed me to get a better view of her.

She certainly wasn’t dressed for this type of weather–no coat, no sweater, just wearing a plain black, tailored coatdress with hose and heels.

The hell?

She beckoned for me to come over to her, which under the circumstances, I found to be a bit cheeky. After all, I was the injured party here, and it would’ve been nice if she had made the effort to come over to see if I needed help, or maybe call for emergency assistance. I wasn’t sure where the hell my purse had ended up throughout all of this.

I managed to push the car door open, and slid out of the seat, my feet hitting the wet, slippery ground. I was dizzy, but the chick continued to beckon me over, as if she were in a hurry to get somewhere.


Maybe her boyfriend had ditched her by the side of the road, but damn she had to be freezing cold.

As I staggered closer to where she was standing, I could see that she looked to be in her early twenties. She had thick blond hair–it looked to be permed, because it was super curly, falling well past her shoulders. Retro chick, I guessed, but very pretty regardless.

“Hi,” I called out. “I kind of slid off the road back there and my car isn’t going anywhere for now. What’s your story?”

I saw her lips moving: but with the wind and the sleet, I couldn’t hear a damn thing she was saying.

“Say again?” I called out as I got closer.

She didn’t answer, but kept pointing to the headstone that she was standing next to, her hands still beckoning me to come closer. She wanted me to look at what was written on the grave marker apparently.


I did my best to squat down and focus my bleary eyes on the marker. There wasn’t a lot of light left, but enough filtered through from the lamp post that I could finally make out what was on it.

Karlie Lynn Masterson, Born: May 15, 1965, Died May 29, 1987.


Was this supposed to mean something? I looked back up to see a smile cross over the young woman’s face as if I should totally understand what it was she wanted me to know, except that I didn’t.

“Look,” I said, my head still throbbing. “I really need to get some help here. I think I need medical attention. Do you have a cell phone, or can you at least point me in the direction of the nearest house or business?”

Her lips moved again, and I strained to hear what she was saying, but it was a silent whisper.

“What?” I asked loudly, “I can’t hear what you’re saying . . .”

“Let Dominic know,” she whispered. “Tell him everything.”

I felt her words more than I heard them as she walked closer to where I stood frozen in confusion.

“Okay, who the hell is Dominic?” I asked, “And what exactly is it that I’m supposed to tell him?”

This chick was seriously freaking me out.

She got closer and I couldn’t bring myself to move away from her. It was if some magnetic force had taken control of my body, and it was drawing her to me.

“You need to tell him how I died,” she whispered loudly enough that for the first freakin’ time I didn’t have to ask her to repeat it. I totally wished that I hadn’t heard it.

Holy shit . . . she’s a ghost?

I put my hand up to my forehead, feeling the blood oozing out of the gash on my scalp. How hard had I banged it? Was I hallucinating here?

“Uh, if you’ll excuse me,” I continued, trying my damnedest to get my feet to move, “I think I’ll pass on that. None of this makes any sense at the moment, and I’d really like to get the hell out of here.”

I tried my best to move away from her, but whatever magnetic force was at play here, wouldn’t let me budge. She came even closer to me, and I felt the warmth from her radiate into me. It was then that I heard her whisper, “Move over, I’m driving.”

I felt an immediate lightness envelop me as her body physically merged with mine. I felt my own body shiver and convulse at the intrusion, but there was no pain involved whatsoever.

Unfamiliar warmth filled me entirely. I could feel a very strong tingling sensation as it did, causing me to blessedly become numb to the pain that I’d been feeling in my head since the accident. Then the heaviness of her possession settled in as if it belonged there.

Suddenly, I could no longer feel the elements of the wind and the sleet that had been assaulting my skin. I was shrouded in silent darkness as my body sank down into a comfortable slumber where there was no longer any pain or confusion.

I was no longer in control of anything, but I wasn’t afraid at all. Instead I felt the clear realization of a new purpose seeping into my consciousness, erasing all the data banks belonging to me, and replacing them with something else . . . with someone else’s data banks. I somehow had the knowledge as I slipped into this strange abyss, that when I came out of it, I would be someplace else . . . would be someone else . . . and it would no longer be my life anymore.

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