BLOG TOUR: Review of Crave (Clark Family #1) by Evelyn Sola

“You here for cake?” 


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: About 250 Pages

POV: Alternating First Person


Before THAT night, the over the top party and the cake incident, I spent Saturday nights with girlfriends, lamenting my life over margaritas.
I wasn’t ready for Jacob Clark. He was sin and dark edges, wrapped in regret. He was my kryptonite. His words oozed over me like warm honey. His dark eyes pricked my soul, and his touch….those fingers set my skin on fire.
Of course, he was too good to be true. And before I could wipe the icing off my greedy lips, I was walking away.
So, why was he invading her dreams?

She was the remedy to everything. Until my family, my past provoked me.
I made one little scene, and Sandra walked away without a word, despite our mind-blowing connection.
When I finally barged in on her life again, she told me she didn’t want me. I told her in her pretty face she did. She more than wanted me.
Remember the ache? When I’m with her, it goes away.
If she wants a chase, I’ll give her one.
Who knows? When I catch her, I might never let go.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received and ARC of this book free Forever Write PR.*

Jacob has held onto a betrayal for entirely too long and it’s caused quite the cold war within the Clark family. Did he start it? No. But only he can fix it. And only after he finds someone who can fix the gaping hole in his heart.

Sandra wasn’t looking for a man and even if she had been that man would not have been Jacob Clark. He comes from old money, she comes from a completely different background. He’s white, she’s not.

“You’re the most beautiful liar I’ve ever met.”

He’s determined to win her, and she eventually can’t stop fighting his charm. Together Sandra and Jacob complete each other. That is when he’s not messing things up by doing stupid stuff.

“Believe me, sometimes you won’t want me to be a gentleman.”

Crave is titled perfectly as the two lead characters, Jacob and Sandra, crave each other. They crave each other’s touch and the unique connection they share. It makes for pages of passion. However, the family drama keeps it more real.

“Oh my God! I just said my boyfriend took a paternity test to show that his brother’s son is not his. I’m on the Jerry Springer Show!”

I enjoyed the storyline and the characters. There was one small continuity issue that had me re-reading a few paragraphs, however, hopefully that got corrected prior to publishing. If it didn’t, there’s an awkward sex scene in there. The ending jumps a lot, and it felt a little rushed, but the outcomes makes up for it. All in all it’s a good read and I’m looking forward to where the series will go.

Excerpt (on behalf of Forever Write PR and the author):

Unable to believe what I’m seeing, I cover my mouth with both hands, silencing my gasp.

Jake doesn’t stumble for long. Both brothers are the same height, and even though Troy is bulkier, it’s obvious that Jake spends more time in the gym. Like in a slow-motion movie, I watch as Jake punches his brother in the stomach, causing him to double over. He takes a step forward, grabs him by the collar and shoves him into my mother’s cake. Troy doesn’t stay down for long. He tackles Jake, twists him around until they both land on the cake, smashing it completely and breaking the small table that held it.

Mrs. Clark is screaming at Luke and Josh to stop them as the two brothers continue to wrestle on the floor. I almost want to offer Tracy some comfort as the tears start to roll down her cheeks, but Luke puts a protective arm around her and escorts her away from the room and the disaster that’s continuing to unfold.

Mrs. Clark’s screams and the resounding sound of the table crashing finally pulls me out of my trance. Unable to look anymore, I turn around and walk out of the dining room. I find my coat and purse and walk out of the house, grateful that I’ll never have to return or see Jacob Clark again.

As I walk to the van, I’m reminded that the universe always has to balance itself. Jacob Clark was too good to be true.

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