Social Distancing

Social Distancing has its definite drawbacks, but it’s best to try and find the positive. It is giving families more time together. A time for parents to re-bond with their ever-growing children. Maybe just a time to rethink your direction in life. Or get in some much needed relaxation time.

For some it is more stressful. Many have gotten laid off. Unemployment is at an all time high. But at least the government is trying to expedite everyone getting this. I know for some that isn’t much of a relief. All I can say is, “Don’t stress over things you cannot change.”

For me, I always held a great respect for teachers, but now that’s grown immensely. I can honestly say we’ve grown as a family. My children spend more quality time working together instead of fighting. It reminds me that the little things in life are important.

Anyway, I ramble sometimes.

I wanted to let all of you know that we will be adding in some extra promos throughout the next couple months. We get so many requests for reviews every day and never have enough time to get to them all. Normally if the synopsis seems like something I would read (if I had time) I’ll promo it. However, I’ll be adding in a few books that are not my normal genres in case any of you may enjoy them. Plus, I always love helping a fellow indie author if I can.

Happy reading! ~ xoxo Jenn


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  1. While i do agree with you I miss hugging you and my grandkids during this trying time. Sending my love and airhugs to you guys… Love.. Dad

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