Review of The Rise of a King (Fallen Angel, Immortal Romance #2) by Azriel Hope

“We will prove love never fails” 


Genre: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Horror

Length279 Pages

POV: Alternating First Person


The second book in the Fallen Angel, Immortal Romance Series takes us from the Arcades and the kingdom of dark angels to The Cirque, a fairy realm where Farrow’s brother Prince Drayden rules. Born half fairy and half-fallen angel, Drayden possesses both goodness and evil.

After being told by the Gods of Estancia that Farrow can’t keep Rayelynn in the Arcades, he risks losing the only being he has ever loved to keep her safe. By leaving Rayelynn in the Cirque with Drayden, Farrow fears she will be enticed by the fairy life she deserves and the brother who has already professed his desire to claim her for himself.

Drayden is a gracious host to the sweet and powerful fairy-mortal halfling who is carrying his brother’s children…but will risk his very soul to have her.

As Farrow becomes king of the Arcades, he works to prove to the gods he’s worthy of Rayelynn’s goodness and love, while Drayden falls deeper into a darkness that will destroy them all.

The Rise of a King is the second book in a trilogy. It has some dark themes and sexual situations that involve many polyamorous characters…who are immortal, slightly wicked, loving and oh so much fun. I recommend reading The Fall of Arcades before this book.

Jennifer’s Review:

*I received this book free from the author.*

This book picks up right where The Fall of Arcades ended. Farrow leaves Rayelynn where he thinks she will be the most safe, with his half brother Drayden. It’s a definite mistake, but his options are not exactly vast.

Drayden has his own skeletons and they do not stay in the closet. He has two lovers he does not want to choose between and then there is the beautiful Rayelynn who is carrying his half brother’s children, and he wants her for himself. He thinks he can eventually gain her trust by giving her what she wants and needs, but his treacherous mother forces his hand. In the end, he cares greatly for her, but is forced to betray her and himself.

“I know. I hate me too.”

Anastasia is trying to adapt her brother’s new take on life. She may even be enjoying it. With the Arcades adapting to Fallon as their new king her mercy for the slaves is what is saving them. Her heart is growing fond of those around her and it’s turning her into a much better leader.

Farrow has been doing everything he can to turn the Arcades into something it has never been. He wants his people to know love, to know rules instead of chaos, and he will rule with an iron fist even if it kills most of his people. And he will do it all so that his love can rule beside him one day.

“I have, within the bounds of my ability, the capacity to love.”

Rayelynn knows that being in the castle with Drayden is the equivalent of being in a gilded cage, but she will still do whatever she can to care for those around her. It’s who she is. And it’s why everyone wants her. Even if all she wants to do is go home to Fallon with her children. Never did she think Drayden would betray her in the ways he did and never did she think Fallon could break her heart. Thank goodness that that voice of hers.

“Perhaps you can do nothing for her body… but I expect you might help her soul.”

The Rise of a King is a whirlwind of mischief. The fairies, the elves, they’re all selfish beings who cannot see a bigger picture outside of their own bubble encased worlds. You think things are going well and then bam someone throws everything for a loop. No one can be trusted and yet as I was reading and knew this I still felt myself liking characters I knew I shouldn’t. That in itself protests to the writing.

I cannot wait to read The Reign of a Queen to find out exactly how this story plays out.

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Excerpt – when you go to a wishing tree you never know what will happen…:

I gathered Rayelynn into my arms. “It was all an illusion. Trust me, I watched you. You and I are the only ones in the forest. Your hand satisfied your love-starved body.” I caressed the side of her dress. “I could pacify that ache for you. Farrow would never have to know.” She abruptly pushed me off.

“How dare you!” Her anger was cute.

“How dare I not? I’m certainly more satisfactory than this,” I laughed as I gently took her hand and tangled her fingers in my own.

“Please don’t embarrass me.” She dropped her head.

“I’m sorry she didn’t give you what you wanted.” I pulled her into an embrace. “You deserve love, Rayelynn.” My hand stroked down her back, comforting. “I was only teasing. It’s better than outright anger or seduction … I’m trying.”

“I have no one,” she quietly said.

“You have me,” I whispered as I drew her in close.

“I wish I trusted you,” she said softly to herself.

“No,” I caressed my finger over her sweet lips. “You wish you trusted you.”

Before she was able to stop me, my mouth claimed those delicious lips as my tongue gently begged entrance. Beyond her better judgment, she let me in, if only for a second. It was enough. My heart swelled with my sex, and I held her to me until she gently pulled away.

“I … I … I,” she stammered, and my head spun.

“I’m the devil.” I kissed her flushed cheek and adjusted the painful erection tightening against my pants.

I smoothed her hair from her face and marveled at her beauty.

“You need a friend someone who understands you.” I took her hand to my mouth and planted another soft kiss there. “So do I.”

I stared at her for a long time, just drinking in her gorgeous eyes.

“Do you understand me?” Her voice was tiny and distant.

My finger trailed the softness of her skin as it coursed down her cheek. “I’m the one with two lovers, I can’t choose between,” I laughed.

“That’s not what I mean.” Panic struck her features.

“It’s exactly what you mean.” My voice was kind and caring as I leaned in to kiss her again.

This time she let me in and succumbed to me. My body trembled with desire as she so innocently gave herself over. Before the tree of life, we kissed each other with true love. Was it everlasting love? No. It was only momentary, but enough for us, by Cirquadian law, to be wed.

With that, I lifted her into my arms and we flew back to the Cirque.



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